Our Best Kitchen Countertop Ideas with Oak Cabinets

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

Today’s kitchens serve as the ultimate home center, as a multifunctional room where family members enjoy various activities, from socializing to cooking. Striving for a beautiful, cozy, and comfortable kitchen is a big deal but a good reason to revamp your existing kitchen areas with cost-effective kitchen renovations that bring an exciting new look.

Contemporary kitchen countertops play a crucial focal point in a kitchen’s design. Achieving a modern look is easy for functional kitchen interiors and extremely attractive due to a perfect match color combination that considers texture and wood finish for traditional and new products.

The following is a collection of stunning kitchen countertop designs and countertop materials for you to select the right concept for your kitchen. Keep in mind that your remodel will depend on the square foot and the best way forward.

The combination of backsplashes, kitchen cabinetry, kitchen countertops, kitchen sinks, faucets, appliances, and lights can work to produce both traditional and modern, relaxing, and even a luxurious look. You can find many examples on Pinterest for a white kitchen with white cabinets, white walls, and new countertops, primarily white countertops. Sometimes, a fresh coat of white paint is the only kitchen remodel task required to spruce things up for a beautiful kitchen. In a small apartment, the laundry room has a matching white given its proximity to your kitchen.

Kitchen design can be affordable, elegant, and convenient if you choose beautiful, practical, and cost-effective materials for your countertops and contributes to a friendly, low-maintenance kitchen design that doesn’t require much effort for proper care.

Honey oak cabinets were a popular choice among home builders for traditional kitchen, bathroom, and utility room cabinets during the 1980s and 1990s, and they remain in many homes to this day.

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Natural wood as tough as oak can still be used as a solid surface when appropriately carded. In situations where their replacement is not functional, the challenge becomes how to make them more beautiful. The typical orange oak finish of decades past can deliver a rustic look as long as the cabinet material remains similar.

Cabinets made of wood, such as oak cabinets, are elegant and available with different finishes. Any countertop color will look great on oak cabinets because oak serves as a neutral. Oak cabinets work well with different colors, like dark colors and dark countertops. Oak cabinets also work very well with stainless steel countertops, black granite countertops, and quartz countertop colors for a modern, contemporary look. Stainless steel appliances will enhance the kitchen surface area and work well with gray countertops.

A contemporary rift oak display with unique glass countertops (especially for a kitchen island) provides visual weight and a focal point that can amaze guests. A good choice for countertop and oak specialists would be Shrock’s of Walnut Creek, based in Ohio. They have many display examples and cabinetry here. They have some excellent options for light wood cabinets too. You should be able to find specialized local stores in your area to create the beautiful characteristics of your unique oak cabinets with custom kitchen countertop ideas.

Kitchen cabinets and quartz, laminate, wood, white marble, white granite, and concrete countertops require some preparation before deciding on a design and delivering a fresh look since the right kitchen countertop matters. Clarity of vision and a goal are the cornerstones of any project, so know where you’re going before you start. What kind of oak cabinets do you have? Are you looking for a unique look? Do you only want accent cabinets?

Consider the following before starting your quartz, wood, laminate, or any other right countertop that matches your oak cabinets’ journey to provide direction to your project.

What to Do

Use Neutral Colors in Different Combinations

The right color quartz or any other countertop materials with your oak cabinets help create a modern space with a touch of elegance—black quartz pairs well with honey-colored countertops, oak furniture as well as white quartz countertops. Adding neutral colors to your room will bring brighten it up simultaneously.

Pinterest offers up many ideas, but this page is an excellent example of light neutral granite colors. The many types of granite will help point you in the right direction. Planning your renovation efforts is essential for new buyers since a home’s design and the time period for its design dictates how much your remodels will cost.

Consistently Keep the Aesthetics in Mind

When choosing the right kitchen design, remember to take your home’s overall aesthetic into account. Ideally, select oak cabinetry that complements your home’s decor if you plan to upgrade your cabinets. If your home is traditional Victorian, modern cabinets won’t look right. If your home, condo, or apartment has a modern, contemporary look, you will have no issues with a solid wood countertop, black countertops, or the look of natural stone.

Consider the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each Material

Learn how to determine what qualities every material adds from an aesthetic and functional point of view to the kitchen before choosing it for your kitchen remodeling project.

Things to Not Do

Do Not Go Overboard with Your Choices

You can build a better kitchen with a bit of boldness. Make wise choices, but do not go overboard, as some options may destroy its overall aesthetic. A great way to avoid overdoing bold choices is to pair with something neutral to prevent an overpowering effect.

For example, when using a quartz countertop, pair the kitchen color with a more neutral color, mainly when using oak cabinets in a modern kitchen.

Do Not Combine Pieces that Aren’t Compatible

Furniture is usually the only thing that works with an eclectic style. Make sure you test how kitchen furniture looks with countertops and oak cabinets before selecting two separate elements. Consult your trusted professional if you aren’t sure how they’ll look.

Oak Cabinet Basics

The mid-tone and rugged exterior of oak kitchen cabinets are popular because they are not susceptible to scratches and dents. This class of wood cabinets will serve as one of the main focal points in your home, and they will survive the test of time without much trouble. Essentially, an oak kitchen can be incredibly timeless, complementing any tile or backsplash combo.

Depending on the finish, oak has a wide range of colors, ranging from warm and light neutral to deeper brown.

Marble Countertops and Oak Cabinets

The combination of marble countertops and oak cabinets will create a kitchen design that is both classic and modern. It’s a great option that can bring natural beauty to the kitchen area. In case you didn’t know, marble countertops typically come in three different types: Carrara, Calacatta, and Statuary; each of these options adds class and elegance to any room. Oak and marble combine thanks to their natural properties seamlessly, making them an ideal material for bringing the outdoors inside.

The look of marble is mainly white as it is the most popular choice. Other excellent colors are also available, including pink and green marble, as well as dramatic black. You will transform the kitchen into a more spacious and airy space with white-veined wood and a marble countertop. You will significantly brighten a honey-tinted kitchen cabinet with this.

Common Types of Marble Countertops

Carrara Marble

Known for its Italian origins, Cararra marble consists primarily of gray shades, although some varieties possess a blue tint. Veins appear mainly feathery and appear to be smoky in hue.

Calacatta Marble

The marble possesses a crisper white color. What stands out, however, are the veins. Cararra tiles usually have thinner veins. Gold, brown, cream, and inky gray are among the colors associated with veining.

Statuary Marble

As the name implies, this marble is standard as a base for marble statues. Deep gray or black veins may accompany a white base color, whereas the base color may be white.

A Laminate Countertop Will Warm Your Interior

Accentuate the warm, cozy feel of oak cabinets by highlighting their natural warmth. Combined with warm quartz colors, red oak cabinetry is among the best options that create a specific heat in your kitchen.

The good thing about laminate countertops is that they have several options. The tile looks like other materials, so you won’t have to pay as much for granite, for instance. The laminate can also have light brown or gray flecks (dots), creating a white or eggshell hue from a distance. You can even use chalkboard paint for your laminate countertops because it is cost-effective.

Pick a laminate countertop in a caramel color or countertop materials with earth tones to compliment the oak cabinets. Adding lighter tones to dark cabinets will create a cozy atmosphere in your kitchen.

In addition, faux marble laminate stands out quite well on dark brown oak cabinets. Having dark oak cabinets will give your kitchen a more contemporary feel. You can even purchase laminate that looks like metal.

Aside from the functionality of your space, you must pay attention to its aesthetics as well. If you prefer a lighter cabinet color, a soft laminate can lighten up a dark room. When you want something dark and moody, choose a dark color such as gray or black.

Pair and Mix Neutral Colors

Neutral colors have become the most popular trend that has come in modern times. With neutral colors for your kitchen, you’ll create an elegant, sophisticated look that’s less overpowering. In addition, choosing two-tone cabinets can create a sophisticated look. Adding a clean quartz countertop capped with darker cabinetry and lighter top cabinets will instantly brighten any room.

Minimalist is the Way to Go

Home design in the 21st century is all about minimalism, and it’s not hard to see why. Any minimalist design is stylish and uncluttered because it has a sleek, clean look. Use a minimalistic style for your kitchen to create a bright, clean look. Avoid oaks with red or dark undertones if you want to achieve this look. Pick neutral color rather than one that is red or more intense. To complete the look, choose a countertop with slight veining and a light color.

Oak Cabinets and Wood Countertops

The combination of an oak countertop and cabinets might seem a bit dated at first, but these two elements can create a sleek, contemporary feel.

Despite the simplicity of the design, this look is suitable for a variety of wood types, including maple, white oak, American walnut, and cherry. A kitchen that needs a lot of warmth would benefit from any of these unique pieces.

Butcher block countertops are both practical and gorgeous since their thick, durable slabs and the richness of their character make them both sturdy and durable.


The hardness of this wood makes it an ideal choice for butcher blocks. The grain is uniform, and the wood is highly durable.

White Oak

Despite its aesthetic appeal, white oak isn’t one of the most durable wood options. However, its stately grain makes it stand out.

American Walnut

It boasts a chocolate hue and wonderful black grain.


A hardwood commonly obtained from Brazil, Cherry wood is a prevalent choice on the market. The grain is almost impossible to damage once adequately treated.

Oak Countertops and White Materials for Simple Elegance

Your kitchen will have a charming yet elegant appearance with white countertop material and oak cabinetry, and white countertop materials. If you want a brighter Kitchen space that opens up the room, pair light-colored Oak cabinets with either white engineered stone countertops or quartz countertops with light veining.

Granite Countertops and Oak Cabinets

The durability and aesthetic appeal of granite make it a popular choice for countertops. Additionally, granite comes in various colors, from gold & cream Hawaii granite to silver & gray shaded silver cloud granite. There are indeed many veining patterns, so there is truly something for everyone.

Depending on your preferences, you could choose a darker or lighter countertop if you have smoked European oak cabinets. Are you interested in something brighter that will match that stainless steel appliance and a modern subway tile backsplash? To match the dark brown cabinets, you can balance your kitchen with a lighter countertop, such as a snowfall granite countertop with brown veining.

Whichever color is chosen for your oak cabinets, it’s always best to match them to the veining in your granite countertop, so explore all of your options. You should also check out the granites Titanium, Netuno Bordeaux, Coffee Brown, Ganache, and GialloFiorito.

Hawaii Granite

Granite quarried from Brazil features narrow veins in various colors, such as gold, gray, and black.

Snowfall Granite

This natural granite is most often polished and also imported from Brazil. The base hue, which is a pristine white, can occasionally compare to marble. And it’s filled with multiple colored specks of ebony, cream, and rich gray.

What about Santa Cecilia’s white granite? A gold and white combination that can also work well. The granite comes from deep quarries, and the gold color is a result of oxidation.

Complement Color Schemes with Dark Texture for Modern Aesthetic

Dark cabinets in a modern kitchen do not usually come to the minds of many when thinking of a theme – but it works. It’s the perfect theme for a modern kitchen as it exudes an elegant, sophisticated design that will never date. However, all black isn’t necessary. Make your modern kitchen look a little more sophisticated by choosing dark hues to match dark oak cabinetry.

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