Kitchen Paint Ideas with White Cabinets

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

Did you know that white kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular? They will add a clean and modern look to your kitchen. White cabinets offer brightness which helps to create an airy kitchen with a timeless look.

There are two main types of white cabinets: solid and veneered. Solid white cabinets are made out of wood and are usually stained or painted. Veneered white cabinets are made of plywood and have a lacquer coating finish.

If you doubt the color of cabinets, a Statista study confirms that white cabinetry is the clear winner for your kitchen.

Statistic: Most popular kitchen cabinet colors among homeowners in the United States from 2018 to 2021 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

If you have white kitchen cabinets, you’re probably seeking any kitchen paint idea that can create a cohesive look for the rest of your kitchen. White kitchen cabinets are a classic design element that adds warmth and elegance to any kitchen.

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Paint Options for Your White Kitchen Cabinets

If you ever want to change your white kitchen cabinets, several options are available. There are two main types of kitchen cabinet paints: oil-based and water-based. Oil-based paints are typically used for wood surfaces, while water-based paints are best on metal surfaces.

  • Oil-based paint is thick and durable when compared to water-based paints. They are more expensive, too.
  • Water-based paints, on the other hand, are easier to apply and less costly.

Paint Primer for Your Kitchen Walls

It would be best to prime your walls with a water-based primer before you start any painting project. Water-based primers are easier to apply and won’t dry out or crack over time. They also provide better adhesion for the paint.

The best paint primer product on the market today is the Rust-Oleum Primer Plus. It’s the only primer that you can use with latex paints. It has a high gloss finish, dries quickly, and is easy to apply.

Wall Paint Ideas with White Kitchen Cabinets

Since you already have white cabinets, you likely know that darker paints absorb more light than light-colored paints. If you decided to use darker kitchen colors on a dark wall, your wall would appear dark. Very few people I know have a dark color for their kitchen. It would be dark and depressing.

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. Consider pops of color that stand out, cheer up and energize everyone. Below are different colors I’ve determined work well with white kitchen cabinets and modern kitchens, in general. A good way to start is to visit the paint store, look at a color palette, and decide on a paint color choice before getting some paint samples.


White is a neutral color that works well with any other colors in your home. Painting your kitchen white is a great way to make your space feel bigger and brighter. White kitchens are easier to clean, look cleaner and brighter, and reflect light and heat, making them warmer. As well, they’re easier to decorate with accessories.

Most homeowners always consider a neutral color like white or off-white (warm whites) to match existing home décor such as your kitchen island and open shelving. Not surprisingly, you can combine stainless steel appliances with white cabinets. Some might consider white subway tile as dated for a backsplash but some still consider this to be the perfect choice for this largely ignored wall space.

Black cabinets work well, if white is used for ceilings and walls, and would also work as lower cabinets under a white counter top.

Light Gray

Gray color is great as a neutral backdrop but is a great choice as it works well with any other color. You can also use a darker shade of gray if you want to make the room feel bigger.

You can use a light gray or cream color instead if you prefer.


Greige is a color between white and beige. Greige paint color is a great option to add a new dimension to your home decor. The greige color is a neutral shade that works well with almost any other color. It has a soft, warm tone that makes it perfect for adding depth to a room. A dark wall or dark accent wall would not work well. Light woods play well and I find this to be a calming color.


Yellow is a great color for kitchens with white cabinets. It makes the room feel cleaner and brighter. When you add large windows fit for a lovely mid-century modern kitchen style, the natural light and bright colors will energize you and your family. Everyone will feel far happier and more cheerful with this pop of color.


Beige is a neutral color that works well with any decorating style. It also blends wood and stone. Beige remains a popular color for kitchen cabinets or counter tops. It’s an excellent choice for bathrooms and bedrooms too.

It’s a warm, softer look and is my personal favorite. I love beige, and whenever I’ve moved into new spaces, I consider beige a good idea and my go-to wall paint color. For other color scheme ideas, I always consider earthy tones or white tones to improve my space with a brighter color.

Chocolate Brown

Known as a top neutral, chocolate brown works with many other colors. It works best in combination with white, yes, white cabinets in your kitchen. It also has a great color combination with brass, copper, gold, other brown shades, and yes, even with green and blue.

Dark Blue

Navy blue (dark) will absorb light (black absorbs the most), and as a result, rooms will feel smaller. If you have a tiny kitchen, it may hide that it’s tiny but does create some depth. I’ve seen unique rooms with white ceilings, yellow chairs, brown and off-white furniture, and wooden floors that add depth. The room doesn’t feel small at all.

An accent piece like a wall that is dark blue near the breakfast nook or adjacent wall can create depth and the perception —the perfect camouflage. To further enhance this look, mix in other light color soft tones like off-white and bright blues or green. A brighter room with white and different bright colors will always feel more oversized, warm, and welcoming.

Best Paint Color to Bright Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

Neutral colors with warm tones are good choices for rooms that are darker. Darker colors can make the room feel smaller. Consider some fancy orange, green, light powder blue, lavender, yellow, pink, or soft gray to spruce up some low-light conditions. The other option is to introduce more oversized windows to flood your kitchen with a lot of natural light.

Setting the tone for your kitchen depends on what you like. I have seen beautiful kitchen combinations of grey and brown paint color that work well and aren’t overly bright. I have also seen white and yellow kitchen paint color that is absolutely a jolt and kickstart to your day. It’s brilliant, and you can feel the energy flow, especially in modern or contemporary kitchens, because everything feels so clean, minimal, and organized. You do not want to start your day with any mental clutter.

Other happy mood combinations that could work include aired light blue and white paint colors or a casual khaki (light beige) wall color with your white kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Trim Ideas for Your White Kitchen Walls and Cabinets

You have white walls and white kitchen cabinets. You might want to look into these popular trim options for a stylish update in your kitchen. Get your color wheel and samples ready! Consider Pinterest for inspiration photos too.

Ceramic BeigeToasty Grey
FrittataSilver Bullet
Green AquaSpring Stream
JojobaVanilla Ice Cream
HummusComforting Green
WasabiAuthentic Tan

Paint Color Ideas Based on Your Kitchen Size

Since today’s kitchen can vary significantly from small or medium to large, the colors you choose can make a huge difference, mainly when the size of the kitchen is small and has a modern look.

Small space kitchens are just as easy to paint as the more oversized kitchen, but you need to pay close attention to the focal point and the colors you use. For instance, you can make your kitchen look larger than it is, specifically when choosing the proper color schemes. For example, if you search for the best colors to achieve this purpose, you should select a combination of these six colors.

  • Stark White
  • Soft Black
  • Light Taupe
  • Blush Pink
  • Dark Navy
  • Cool Gray

When you use any of the color schemes, the immediate results make your kitchen appear more prominent. Dark colors in a smaller kitchen usually work best in the rooms that face north. Darker colors make rooms appear smaller, and they might be better used as an accent wall and mixed up with other bright colors to give depth and perception.

Perfect Shades for a White Kitchen Wall

A good shade of white for the kitchen is off-white. Off-white is a neutral color that goes well with any other color. Off-white also helps create a gentler and softer impression with your white kitchen cabinets. Classic white is popular in the kitchen because it is crisp white, modern, and fresh.

If you want to match your kitchen walls to your cabinets, you should choose a light gray or white paint color. However, if you’re going to create contrast between your kitchen walls and cabinets, you should use a dark gray or color.

Paint Color Ideas for Your Kitchen Countertops

Even though a new color of fresh warm white paint on your walls can quickly transform your kitchen, today’s kitchen renovations rarely stop here. Updating a kitchen has so many options, you may even want to consider a new brown color paint on your kitchen countertops, too. You can still with white countertops if you have a modern, contemporary kitchen. There are inexpensive ways to make your kitchen countertops look new. That’s a topic for another article.

For instance, you may consider one or both of the options listed below.

1.  Consider a fresh coat of paint for new colors on your kitchen walls

2.  Use a concrete skim-coat on our existing countertops and find the best kitchen paint colors in the traditional kitchen

Best Colors to Paint a Kitchen with White Kitchen Cabinets

Please remember that color patterns change with time and trends. What’s most important? I recommend that you choose the right paint color that is important to you.

The best colors for today’s modern kitchen are:

  • Reds
  • Greens
  • Blues
  • Toned-down Yellows
  • Rich Browns
  • White on White
  • Dark Blue

We can use these colors in our kitchens, specifically when paying close attention to conventional wisdom decor themes that focus on bright tones and warm neutrals.

Other colors include:

  • Muted Shades
  • Daring Hues
  • Black (use carefully)
  • Wood Finishes
  • Old World Inspired Hues
  • Mixed Wood Tones
  • Sea Greans
  • Warmer Tones

Similar to the previous colors, these are great, especially when using natural light to enhance your kitchen’s setting.

Kitchen Paint Color: Light or Dark

The best color for any kitchen is dependent on several different factors. The best way to approach this is to look at the size of your kitchen. When the kitchen is small, it is best to use lighter shades. For instance, the homeowner may want to install white dove cabinetry or color their walls white to make the kitchen look more prominent.

If you are painting a large kitchen, the darker colors on the walls and the cabinetry colors may be the best choices. When you fix up some other areas within the kitchen, you may also choose earth tones to add extra spice to your kitchen space. Also, in some cases, you may like to explore pale blues as your favorite color.

Perfect Color Schemes for a Modern-day Kitchen

What is the size of the kitchen, big, medium, or small? Because some neutral tone colors tend to make a room more prominent than it is, these are the colors that you should choose. On the other hand, some colors make rooms look more apparent, and you should use them accordingly.

Check out the lighting in the room.

Kitchens get more sun than others; the colors selected will depend on these and other clean look factors.

Best Colors to Paint Kitchen Walls with White Cabinets

Do not use dark colors like black in a kitchen with white cabinets. It does not always work. There are some good examples but not many.

Most interior designers stick to earthy colors for kitchens with white cabinets. We mentioned some of this earlier but still neutral colors like blue, green, purple, and even violet.

Want a bold color? Consider red and yellow. Each of these colors will work best and give the kitchen a shiny, bright look. Or choose contrasting colors. A rich shade of blue like Sherwin-Williams NAVAL (6244) provides a fantastic contrast, enhanced, with white and gray cabinets.

Light gray will give your kitchen a newer look and feel, while medium gray acts like a good neutral. Dark gray works best if the kitchen is dirty, but I recommend doing a deep clean if it’s that bad.

Should the Door Trim to Match My White Kitchen Cabinets

White continues to be the popular favorite for cabinet color, per the Statista study. To create a uniform, matching look, you should paint the door trim the same shade of white as your kitchen cabinets. It will look clean and traditional.

For a style variation, consider some fancy knobs and pull accents to enhance the cabinetry. Use the same shade of white for your ceiling and doors to match your white kitchen cabinets.

What Paint Shade Should You Use for White Kitchen Cabinets

White cabinets often have a high gloss finish, but they get dirty or dull over time. Instead, try using semi-gloss paint on your cabinets. It will give you a cleaner, brighter appearance.

If you’re looking for specific paint brands, these are the best white paint shades from Benjamin Moore, such as Chantilly Lace, Swiss Coffee, or White Dove. You might also consider Sherwin Williams Alabaster (7008) which is a soft, creamier white and will still reflect a lot of room light.

Paint Ideas with Shiny White Kitchen cabinets

To pair glossy kitchen cabinets and related hardware, you should consider pale blues and soft greys for combinations and walls. These are more delicate shades, and while feeling cool on first impressions, add kitchen warmth with your white gloss accented cabinets.

You can avoid a shinier wall with a matte sheen or satin.

Rustic Paint Ideas with White Cabinets

Rustic colors are green (believe it or not), browns, grays, and fall colors. These are natural colors found in nature, such as green leaves, the warmness of sunset orange, and brown for dirt, mud, and earth.

I love anything that has a natural, earthy look and feels as it’s warm and cozy.

What is the Best White Color for Kitchen Cabinets

Consider Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee OC-45. It’s a crisper, neutral off-white but is warmer. Make sure to paint the soffit the same color above your white kitchen cabinets because it helps lift the room’s height.

Kitchen Paint Ideas with Off-White Cabinets

Which paint color is best for off-white? The answer is simple. Use white. It’s not only sophisticated but a classic. It’s the subtle nuance that helps create a serene, tranquil environment.

I have always loved creamier off-whites to play against pure white. It’s great to see homeowner trends shifting away from hints of gray, whether it’s a softly-veined marble or another extraordinary gray, off-white example.

Off-white cabinets do help highlight the bright white walls around the kitchen. In the end, the kitchen looks warm, welcome, modern, and sleek.

Which Gray Paint Works Best for White Kitchen Cabinets

Gray is a neutral color and can work in any room in your home. It’s not bold but offers you a great clean look.

What works best with white kitchen cabinets? Go with a light gray because it offers a nice clean look without the brightness. Benjamin Moore recommends Cement Gray 2112-60, GrayOwl OC-52, and Conventry Gray HC-169, stating they work in any room like your kitchen, including living rooms or bedrooms, where gray is very popular.

If you’re big on brands, Sherwin Williams is a popular choice with a great selection.

Consider these Sherwin William shades with your white kitchen cabinets:

Light French Gray 0055Amazing Gray 7044
Dorian Gray 7017Mindful Gray 7016
Worldly Gray 7043Comfort Gray 6205
A New Gray 7030Online 7072

Small Kitchen Paint Ideas with White Cabinets

White is the most popular color in kitchens because it’s neutral and easy on the eyes. I am sure you’re sick of hearing white, white, and more white. Light colors always create a sense of airiness and spaciousness and are more noticeable in smaller kitchens. White walls and kitchen cabinets will brighten your kitchen and make everything uniform but straightforward.

Consider neutral hues. How about shades of white, cream colors, or taupe for warmth, depth, and sharpness. Trust me, it works. But styles matter. If you live in a modern or contemporary-style home, kitchens in contemporary homes shine brightly with whiter whites. If you’re in a traditional or transitional home, go for that warmer feel.

Bright colors will also add some grit. I’m a personal fan of coastal-style colors and living. Think Cape Cod flair. For this tone, you want to consider shades of blue, like sea green. Also effective but over-rated, in my opinion, is cerulean blue. Look for variations and comparables like Manganese Blue or Old Holland Manganese Blue.

You can’t go wrong with yellow or green (mint) as they are bright and bold.

Go boldly beyond? Then you have to try red (wow, be careful), navy, green, and some deep shades of black, but I would not recommend the last one.

Remember that whatever happens on your walls must also make for a good combination of countertops and your kitchen backsplash.

Kitchen Wall Paint Ideas with White Dove Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in any home. When designing your kitchen, you need to consider how to use the space and how much money you have.

White cabinets will work well with the rest of the room. Blue looks great in a kitchen, but they may clash with other items in the room.

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