Kitchen Remodel Ideas With Dark Cabinets

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Dark cabinets have a sophisticated and mysterious sense about them. Unlike lighter colors that are perfect for a modern flair, dark kitchen cabinets open an appeasing feeling of luxury and elegance. Using dark colors in the kitchen has only been a thing since 2015. However, this is a trend that seems to catch on. An attached white living space can become quite dull when blended with light cabinets in the kitchen.

Kitchen remodel ideas with dark cabinets are the best way to show your bravery in this new elegant kitchen design. This is unlike most colors and styles reappear from history in a new form. Black kitchen cabinets have been a fascinating trend to watch unfold. White kitchens have been so prominent, with a clean and seamless look, that wandering so far away from this look seems almost illegal.

There has been little discussion about the style of cabinets moving from white cabinets to dark kitchen cabinetry. But, according to kitchen-design specialist Helen Parker of deVOL Kitchens in New York City, dated-looking wood cabinets with ornate arches (i.e., Colonial) have fallen out of favor with the modern kitchen. Attempting to paint these cabinet doors in flashy dark shades does not bode well.

The 60-30-10 Design Rule

Different colors and styles in a new kitchen cannot magically transform the look of your kitchen into an interior design delight. Scale and proportion are crucial in forming a relationship between balance, function, and color. The 60-30-10 design rule applies to any three elements of design or color in a space.

For instance, your cabinets should take up 60% of the square footage, while an island uses 30% of the space. The remaining 10% should be used for hanging lights, accessories, or anything else that deserves highlighting. The color of your cabinets, backsplash, counters, and floors should also use this rule to keep the correct flow of darker cabinets within the right proportion of color. 

Best Styles For Dark Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinet fronts

Shaker-style cabinet fronts gained recognition for their recessed middle panels. This look is contrary to the traditional raised panel of once-popular cabinetry. Because of the simplicity of the design, not only does every color scheme look marvelous on Shaker cabinets, but you can use a mixture of styles.

Flat-faced cabinet fronts

These are gaining popularity because of their ability to go with the flow. The fronts are always stylish; they fit perfectly in minimalist, contemporary, or modern forms. A small kitchen can benefit from the flush look, and we can form indented handles instead of using hardware.

This is a plus in tight areas where snagging clothes and dishtowels can happen. Also, laminate finishes get overused on inexpensive wood bases, which decreases costs in a kitchen remodel project.

Inset cabinet doors

Insert cabinet doors are gorgeous and pricey. Custom-made to last through changing styles and ease of use, the door rests inside the cabinet frame. Flush and expertly designed, they look as beautiful today as they did generations ago. This can be a great choice for creating your dream kitchen with clean lines and a modern look.

Open shelving or glass-front cabinets

These cabinets are a delightful way to break up a constant row of upper cabinets. Open shelves are often painted light colors in a darker kitchen to create a focal point of framed pictures, ceramic jars, or glassware. 


Pantries are making a comeback in different shapes and forms. Modular pantries with adjustable shelves eliminate the need for a long line of cabinets. We can manufacture them in the same style as your own kitchen with a built-in look. Separate open rooms are also becoming a way to store more items and expand the look of your lovely kitchen.

Custom islands

Custom islands do not have to be the same style as your cabinetry. A stylish ornate island that shares the same shades of color as your cabinets is a great way to make a focal point in this space. You can make your island statement with a bead board and a highlighted paint color. Not only will you create a textured and chic appearance, but you will provide a lift for the entire kitchen.

Dark Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

A Chic Bold Choice

If matte black sounds a little on the dark side, consider all the rich colors that can complement it in your cooking space. Instead of looking at light countertops to offset the black cabinets, choose spicy shades of deep orange-blush and alpine green. Against a backdrop of charcoal gray in stone countertops and large chips of blush, green, and light beige, an artful display of a color will emerge. 

Use orange-blush for the wall color and alpine green in a backsplash with texture. Gold-plated sink fixtures and pendant lighting with matte dark grey covers add to the overall look of sophistication. Finish with accessories made of light wood and colored glass for a magical experience. 

Black And White

There is no way to go wrong with the perfect balance of a black and white contemporary kitchen. White walls with black trim around window frames of natural light and dark cabinetry present a modern, beautiful kitchen look. Use black cabinetry on lower cabinets and the kitchen island.

Add a paint color of bright white to the top cabinets and walls. A white quartz countertop will further expand the size of a small kitchen space. Get creative with your personal touches, like adding plants and stainless steel pendant lights above the island. This contemporary look also works well with high ceilings and large windows. 

Black And Oak

Black and oak work well together. Blended in with stainless steel appliances and light fixtures, just the right amount of light shows off its beauty. This kitchen style also allows you to keep dark cabinet colors with a black center island.

Use butcher block countertops on the island while switching off to plain white countertops for the cooking area. Simple silver knobs or pulls will tie it all together, and a natural brown stone backsplash keeps a lighter shade present. This kitchen renovation can save you money and give your kitchen an upbeat and modern look.

Matte Black Kitchen

The best look for those uncertain about kitchen ideas of black is to limit this color and stay in a traditional style. Today’s kitchens have several design choices, with being fancy or feeling cozy. The black matte allows you to show off sophistication with marble countertops or a modern country with hardwood flooring and rattan furniture.

Dark wood cabinets can work in creative ways with chunky dark countertops. Gray or brown marbled countertops add an authority feel to the air while remaining stately. Think chunky with large bold hardware that is bold. Open shelves or glass cabinet doors let you portray a transitional style to blend in with an adjoining dining room or living space.

Rustic Green Kitchen

Green has many possibilities to use in the heart of your home kitchen. For dark wood cabinetry, an olive green island with a white quartz counter top gives a neutral presence to the whole room. You can play with the shades, mix in white kitchen cabinets, or add white subway tile as a backsplash.

Green is a neutral, popular color available in hundreds of shades that fit perfectly with wood. This is good news for the beginner afraid of making designer mistakes with redecorating a kitchen with dark hardwood cabinets to start. Light walls of beige, mint green or white are an excellent way to expand a small space. Roughly sewn shelves and wicker shades on pendant lights add a delicate touch.


Don’t forget the accessories that will announce your dark cabinets. Depending on your style of choice, metal, glass, and ceramics make a statement to your overall design. Smaller framed pictures and wall hangings add a delicate touch for adding color and form. Open shelves are perfect for this type of presentation.

Timeless vintage charm and straight-lined modern kitchens seem to be the trend as we continue through the 2020s. Under-the-counter lighting continues to grow in popularity as homeowners discover more mood-changing illumination methods.

White cabinetry of the 2010s is fading as we replace the sterile look with the sophisticated look of warm granite countertops and black and dark brown cabinets. Lighter cabinets still have a place in today’s modern decor but get used n a delicate proportion of color.

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