Fun Lighthouse Kitchen Décor Accents

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse offers protection for one of the Atlantic Coast’s most hazardous areas. If you have always been fascinated by this towering lighthouse, the good news is that you can now work this silhouette into your kitchen design. 

Many lighthouse kitchen décor items are now available for free shipping and are the perfect gift for family, friends, and even yourself. Small items like a functional kitchen magnet set perfect for holding your grocery lists are a subtle but bold way to incorporate this symbolic lighthouse into your kitchen design.

You can find hand cast home decor items on Etsy. From pebble art to wooden and lighthouse dish trinkets, they are a great accent for the smallest details in your kitchen or living room.

You can use it as the focal point or a simple hint of your theme. No matter what route you choose, the good news is that there are now many exciting ways to turn your lighthouse dreams into reality right in your kitchen. 

lighted orange concrete lighthouse at night

If you’re absolutely curious about the lighthouses of the world, have a look at this directory of 23,700 lighthouses worldwide! You’ll find the base of the lighthouse varies. Fun stuff.

Table of Contents

  1. Start with Accessories
  2. Don’t Forget the Kitchen Floor
  3. Perk Up Your Kitchen with Lighthouse-Inspired Furniture
  4. Light Up Your Kitchen Walls
  5. Other Lighthouse Décor Ideas
  6. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why are lighthouses painted differently?
    2. Why do lighthouses have different heights?
    3. How do modern lighthouses work?

Start with Accessories

You have options from a wide range of lighthouse-shaped picture frames, table lamps, bookends, and many other varied tchotchke pieces that a true nautical enthusiast can choose from to create a lighthouse theme kitchen.  If you’re looking for refrigerator lighthouse decor, make sure they have strong magnets.

Lighthouse Novelty Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Stand Kitchen Collection Décor - Lighthouse Scene Stand

To make the design of your room tasteful, however, it is best to use the pieces as minimally as possible to avoid overstimulating the view that might only lessen the effect of your chosen selections. 

You can pick great conversation starters for accessories, such as the Assateague lighthouse kitchen magnet set for holding your daily reminders. This Assateague lighthouse decorative kitchen magnet set will spark more interest in nautical sea lighthouses among your house guests and visitors. 

A nautical kitchen magnet set with solid magnets is ideal for holding your children’s report cards so you can proudly show off their good grades to everyone. 

CoTa Global Lighthouse Refrigerator Rockstone Magnets Set of 4 - Assorted Resin Beach Design, Fun & Cute Nautical Ocean Magnets For Kitchen Fridge, Locker, Home Decor & Office Decor Novelty - 4 Pack

You can also find vintage and authentic items from the now-defunct United States Lighthouse Service. 

These include paperwork and books owned by lighthouse personnel, schematics, personal correspondence, photographs, oil cans, and hand-cast dinnerware from the lighthouse keepers’ homes. 

All of these accessories serve double duty because they don’t only accessorize your kitchen because also ignite interest in lighthouses. 

These lighthouse-inspired accessories are available online. Just make sure that you check the store’s privacy policy first before giving your email address. Due to the warnings in the State of California and other parts of the US about products that can cause congenital disabilities and reproductive harm, it will be in your best interest to choose safe items. 

Don’t Forget the Kitchen Floor

An area rug that features a lighthouse theme is an excellent accent for your kitchen’s rustic wood floor. Most carpets that boast nautical designs feature one or more lighthouses. You can also find highly decorated rugs that make them appealing options for a nautical decor kitchen, and others are more understated, featuring a more artistically rendered image. These rugs will also work in your living room, adult space, or study. 

COVASA Kitchen Mat Floor Mats Lighthouse Light Up Ocean Comfort Soft Standing Area Carpet Non Slip Kitchen Rug

Perk Up Your Kitchen with Lighthouse-Inspired Furniture

A common custom touch in a nautical theme kitchen is an occasional chair with lighthouse-motif fabric. Nautical pieces such as lazy Susans, distressed leather furnishings, rustic wood desks or tables, and steamer trunks would look home in your lighthouse-decorated kitchen. 

SAILINGSTORY Wooden Lighthouse Beach Round Bar Table Pub Table Nautical Round Coffee Table Coastal End Table Side Table with Storage

If you are an avid treasure hunter, you might even want to add a few rare antique pieces that come directly from lighthouses of the US. You can often find these through regional antiquarian houses or online dealers, all right on the coast. You can turn items like a bronze bell from Thomas Point Lighthouse, for example, into a plant stand or side table. 

Light Up Your Kitchen Walls

You can set your kitchen’s lighthouse theme using a mural wall. You can use a wall plaque or wall art with a coastal scene and complete the look with a romantic image of a watchful and weathered lighthouse. 

GREATBIGCANVAS Portland Maine Lighthouse at Sunrise Canvas Wall Art Print, Lighthouse Home Decor Artwork,

Full murals are often available as peel-and-stick designs or wallpaper, so you can easily manage to hang them on your own. But if you don’t want to make this significant commitment, you can also try setting the tone with some framed, tasteful lighthouse art prints. Hang architectural schematics, photos, or vintage lighthouse images to create more visual interest. 

Oriental Furniture 6 ft. Tall Double Sided Lighthouses Canvas Room Divider

Other Lighthouse Décor Ideas

A personalized lighthouse kitchen decor paper towel holder made from original wood carving by the artist Al Pisano is not only perfect for holding your paper towels. It is also the best towel holder you can find that can serve as a home décor you can proudly show off to your house guests. 

New Hand Carved Lighthouse Teal Color Design Paper Towel Holder Wood Carving Nautical Statue Kitchen Gadget Sculpture

The detail of the original wood carving gets captured because it is stained and hand-painted. The paper towels are securely held on the wood stand by a wooden dowel. The personal touch is made possible by carving your name into the lighthouse’s base, making it a wonderful housewarming gift. 

Kenroy Home Casual Table Lamp ,31 Inch Height, 16 Inch Diameter with Antique White Finish

A lighthouse lamp is also one of the great gifts often available at an everyday low price, making them a perfect choice whatever your budget may be. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are lighthouses painted differently?

Lighthouses have different paints to make it easier for mariners to identify them during the daytime. A lighthouse might be painted all white, for example, if the background or surroundings is dark. The white and red stripes help mariners spot the lighthouse if it is up against a white background like rocks or cliffs. 

Why do lighthouses have different heights?

The height of a lighthouse considers the earth’s curvature. If the light above the mean high water is higher, it can be seen further away at sea. However, the light shouldn’t be too high to the point that the local sailors can no longer see it. It explains why you can often see shorter lighthouses perched on top of cliffs while taller lighthouses are closer to the water surface. 

How do modern lighthouses work?

Lighthouses originally had light using open fires that changed to candles, lanterns, and electric lights. Modern lighthouses operate by remote monitoring and machines. The automatic sensors determine if the air has additional moisture and turn on the fog signals if so. Radio signals help with ship communications. But back in the days when technology wasn’t too advanced, lighthouse keepers ran the lighthouses. 

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