Stylish Luxury Bathroom Vanities

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

When we think of luxury, we think of a product of exclusive character and being able to meet the standards of excellence. Luxury delivers an emotional pleasure that sticks with you more than just seeing a pretty object. There is nothing reproduced about a high-scale look that is magical and unique.

Luxury bathroom vanities are one example of how you can create a tailored and pleasurable atmosphere that will make this room an unforgettable experience. From traditional styles to more modern vanities, your bathroom can transition into your dream of luxury.

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Luxury Vanities and Styles to Match a Smaller Bathroom

Smaller spaces, such as a half-bath, may offer fewer alternatives for vanity storage space.  Take this opportunity to show off the classic look of a pedestal vanity. A small bathroom with the right color palette and proportions brings excellent visual appeal.

They make an antique pedestal sink of cast iron, vitreous china, or earthenware for durability and a timeless appearance. They may design luxurious examples of wood or marble. The main aim is to hide the plumbing from view while presenting a stately look.

Floating bathroom vanities give the appearance of more space with the floor exposed. Storage is still possible with a closed cabinet. They can design the front of the vanity with soft colors or bolder gold or silver embellishments. Wood is another choice for a natural straight-lined look for hidden handles. We can achieve the desired design of your small bath with many options.

A small single vanity attracts attention to the uniqueness and quality of the space while providing a cheerful design. For instance, a China pedestal bathroom sink that fits snugly in a corner and hosts gold-plated fixtures is a simple, classy solution to a rich powder room.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities: High-End Bathroom Cabinets

Cabinets that present a luxurious look are often custom-made. The style and material used dictate the elaborate cohesive look. For example, freestanding bathroom vanities made from natural materials, like teak wood, are a rare sight to behold. With clean lines and distinguishable markings, the feel of the room is warm and sophisticated.

Furniture is vital as bathrooms move toward having a more desired living space flow. Unlike a glamorous dining room sideboard, a console vanity offers many options for making a statement of luxury. 

Larger bathrooms provide the length and width necessary to have double sink vanities. The sprawling counter space allows sufficient room for tasteful accessories. An 1800s European decor can quickly move into a bathroom when a Miseno freestanding vanity cabinet is used. An oak finish that covers hand-carved ornate designs with brushed iron decorative handles and knobs gives this fine piece a regal touch. 

Italian craftsmen take pride in creating bathroom vanity sets of all styles. They aspire to make unique designs that mold perfectly into modern, transitional, or traditional rooms. They used the finest materials in their one-of-a-kind custom vanities. Think of art by the masters when shopping for handmade Italian and discover the perfect bathroom vanity. 

Modern bathroom vanities are popular in homes that have a step out to hot tubs or align with indoor spas. A set of double vanities that are streamlined with straight lines and a compelling color, like dark blue, offers a majestic feel to your relaxing go-to place. Refined gold handles on doors, drawers, and faucets against matte finishes resemble a mark of excellence. 

The most admired part of a double sink vanity is the vast storage space designed into cabinets. Many dealers of double vanity manufacturers, such as the Wyndham collection, feature deep dovetailed drawers and soft-close drawer slides that coincide with quality and longevity. 

Single sinks in a modern bathroom vanity are usable on a countertop up to 48 inches long. Anything wider will call for double bathroom vanity with two sinks or a single custom sink to give the proportion a perfect look. 

Luxury Bathroom Vanities: Countertops and Sinks

Granite, quartz, and marble lead the market as countertop materials. Less popular choices include concrete, glass, handmade ceramic tiles, or wood. A luxury bathroom vanity designer will consider all aspects of the surrounding areas to balance a high-end look. A custom vanity requires careful thought regarding the type of countertop and sink.

Sometimes architectural details and a chosen style can help you choose a harmonious look. Marble is always a good choice when pulling colors from walls and vanities. Very popular for contemporary design or traditional design, marble gives off a sense of richness in an elegant bathroom.

Lately, terrazzo is making a sophisticated statement in transitional vanities. Making a bold statement with a bit of style, a dark bathroom vanity combo topped with white terrazzo embedded with dark specks can accent this area. For highly tiled showers and walls, travertine is becoming an expensive option to stay with the flow of stone and exceptional quality.

White square sinks are always an option, but not so much for a dazzling look. Bathroom sinks have evolved into vessel sinks that add an artistic flair to single sink vanities. While I agree it is an amazing bathroom idea, there are attractive under-mount sinks made of china, ceramic, and porcelain that you should not ignore. Any countertop can be custom-made to accommodate a built-in sink. 

Vessel sinks come in a variety of shapes. Round and rectangular are the most popular, depending on your overall design. A key thing to remember when selecting the right vessel sink for your luxury design is finding the best materials that add longevity and depth to your vanity.

Materials of copper, stainless steel, stone, or ceramic will give your high-end vanity a unique look when using a little-seen graceful material. Hand-painted vessel sinks are great for expressing your passion for art. Flora and artistic designs can turn your sink into a focal point of beauty.

Luxury Bathroom Vanities: Why Faucets and Mirrors are Important

Your faucets serve as the icing on your cake regarding the presentation. They commonly used a modern style with luxurious vanities unless you are recreating a 19th-century period look. Chrome is always an option unless you want to impress.

An arc-like solid brass design faucet with a single handle adds a creative finish to a well-thought-out vanity. Touch-free technology is a trend that is on the move. This feature is perfect for guest bathrooms and puts you in the 21st century with class.

Bathroom faucets in matte black can add prestige to a neutral stone counter and an above-counter oval porcelain ceramic vessel sink. Matching sinks and faucets keep a smooth and blended look to a stunning vanity. 

A luxurious environment cannot do without medicine cabinets, a staple in any bathroom. However, you can update this look to match an artful decor. With the stylish beauty given your vanity and sink, an above-the-vanity mirror can afford to be plain, sleek, and nondescript.

However, modern features such as electrical outlets, defogger, night light, USB charging ports, and TUN Technology (touch control on the mirrors) can provide more amenities of luxury. Top off your new mirror with an outline of skinny gold or silver framing. Use one or a pair of mirrors that are proportionate to your vanity. Seldom will you find medicine cabinets and mirrors that do not add some attraction to the bathroom. It is best to keep them blended as a background necessity. 

Whether you are redesigning your master bath or a guest bathroom with luxury as your top priority, you can find a massive range and full collection of designer vanities and sinks to fit your desires. A larger vanity can give you more space and more significant ideas for luxurious styles, but many pleasing half-bath decors are just as important.

Bathrooms need to be in line with the luxury flow of your home. Discover the newest products available to you for creating your luxury dream bathroom. I’ve been through plenty of bathrooms, and some have given me the “wow” moment. The most expensive renovations in a home continue to be bathrooms and kitchens.

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