What Makes a Luxury Steam Shower So Appealing

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

The body cleansing experience started with a bathtub. While there are luxury bathtubs now, the bathtub’s cramped style gave way to a shower. The popularity of freestanding traditional showers and shower/tub conversions made way for luxury showers.

A traditional shower with an interface touchpad, luxury showers became the new must-have to transform standard bathrooms into a home spa. As luxury showers became commonplace, luxury showers morphed into luxury steam showers. While you can convert your existing lux shower into a steam shower, freestanding versions are available for purchase if you have the room. 

A luxury steam shower has the same operation as a sauna, but it uses a steam generator to heat cold water and push the moisture steam heat to the steam shower unit. Meanwhile, a sauna uses dry heat. Some people use steam showering as a lux shower replacement; others add this to their showering routine. You can find steam shower kits at Home Depot with a seamless combination of shower enclosure options. Shop around for free shipping, the best price, and a year warranty for the features of the unit that you want. A modern addition that includes the superior combination steam shower and whirlpool heater will also help increase the value of your home.

Some homeowners may have specific needs and might need to build a custom steam shower made of the highest quality natural stone. These custom builds use a high efficiency steam engine, and ventilation fan, all nicely built around a unique transparent window with stainless steel frame. Beyond handheld adjustable shower heads, the best steam shower systems also include digital controls (water-resistant remote control), digital TV, and acupuncture jets to help unleash a state of complete relaxation, among other health benefits. Whirlpool tubs can do the same trick with their own body massage jets.

Want to expand the relaxation effect beyond hot steam? Add blue fluorescent lighting. Studies suggest that this color promotes peace and relaxation; some believe blue helps your body release chemicals that spur a relaxation response. The best steam showers keeps heat and air density at a desirable level, ensuring the steamiest conditions are comfortable enough to enjoy.

As you use the shower, you already experience the benefits. While a steam sauna helps sweat out toxins, steam showers remove toxins, clean dirty skin pores, aid in recovery from illness, and relieve stress. Steam showers also reduce pain and soreness from injury or exercise. A whirlpool bathtub heated at the proper water temperature will achieve similar effects.

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Luxury Steam Shower Elements


You may get streaming music and Bluetooth capability in a luxury shower using the touchpad interface, but the luxury steam room adds a waterproof AM/FM radio and CD player. Some units with radios may only have an FM radio, but at least you’ll get your favorite FM stations and other live entertainment. Regardless, listening to the radio diverts the attention to the music instead of the stressful day. 

A handheld showerhead is available in luxury steam areas, although it is trending toward luxury showers too. The handheld showerhead allows you to control where the steam goes on the body. 

Every time you step into the steam shower, you are experiencing fresh, clean steam. The ozone sterilization system kills bacteria, viruses, mildew, and mold. Don’t worry; the ozone system leaves no chemical trace after cleaning, so you can breathe in the chamber without worry.

The steam and water coming from the showerheads circulate the blood in the body. Increased blood circulation gets the heart pumping, boosts the immune system, heals the body, and helps digestion. The showerhead also cleanses you after the steam experience is over.

Rainfall Ceiling Shower Head

The other showerhead in luxury steam enclosures is the overhead rainfall showerhead. The wall-mounted rainfall releases water and steam inside the unit. During this experience, the showerhead adds fluorescent lighting for a tropical vibe.

Continue the calming mood by turning on the radio and listening to your favorite music inside luxury steam showers. The steam unit plays music and operates the rainfall showerhead simultaneously without hiccups, delays, or distractions. Turn the rainfall showerhead and the handheld showerhead off when it’s over, and lift the pedal drain to let standing water out.

white ceramic bath tub with luxury steam shower

Shower Enclosure

You can buy a freestanding steam shower if the bathroom is large enough to hold it. Most bathrooms barely have the space for a shower, heavy duty massage whirlpool bathtub, toilet, vanity sink, and storage. Instead, choose the shower enclosure steam shower. 

The seamless combination of the shower enclosure and the existing shower is breathtaking. All it takes is a ceiling change, a shower door switch, and brand-new equipment. Expand the steam shower by adding spacious storage shelves or a towel warmer nearby for a complete home spa experience. 

Two things that stay the same during the shower-steam shower transformation are a shower interface and speakers. It may get a facelift to become a touchscreen control panel and surround sound speakers, but the changes enhance the spa experience, not take away from it. There is a shower enclosure for shower/bath combos too.

Aromatherapy Scents

A unique way to relax in steam showers is sniffing a relaxing scent. The liquid aromatherapy scents calm your nerves, brighten your mood, and ease illness. Because of this targeted reason, few scents will qualify as aromatherapy. 

A push of a button fills the steam shower stall with the chosen scent. You can fill a single, double, and loaded combination steam shower with the essential oils needed for this experience. Use the touchpad to activate the scent; let it fill the room.

Review the instruction manual on what oils to use and where to fill it as all units are different.

Shower Controls

On the touchscreen LCD control display, you control the entire experience from beginning to end. There is an on/off button, an automatic safety shutoff, an emergency alarm, the steam head controls, and the entry door controls. The advanced versions control the whirlpool jets, the radio, the lights, the aromatherapy scents, the massage, and the shower television.

Master bath with windowed shower and luxury sink


The touchscreen interface or a compatible control panel includes LED fluorescent mood lights in the steam shower room. It is not the standard white or yellow light seen throughout the home. The lights are in several colors, and all colors affect your mood to feel a certain way. 

The waterfall inlet aids the fluorescent mood lighting by adding water sounds through the speaker to achieve the desired mood through water sounds coming from the speaker. Use the hand grips during light therapy, aromatherapy, massage, or a favorite song to sit or stand. The colors come as single or multiple sets of lighting to channel one or many moods to start or end your day.

Massage Therapy

Crank up the steam experience by enjoying some massage therapy while you’re here. A stress reliever, massage therapy offers a foot massage, body massage, and back massage inside the chamber. Massage therapy or hydrotherapy is better if a bathtub element is within the steam enclosure. 

Back massage jets, body jets, and foot massage jets push water through holes inside the unit to give you an acupressure massage in the targeted areas. The soothing sound of water gives off a relaxation effect and wellness benefits that keep you inside for hours. Complete the massage therapy experience by adding the showerhead’s tropical rainfall experience, aromatherapy, or chromotherapy. 

For a feel-good experience, use one benefit at a time inside modern steam showers. It can be a distraction to use all the relaxing benefits at once.

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