Mid-Century Modern Beach House: Latest Trends

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Decorating your mid-century modern beach house doesn’t need to be hard. However, you have plenty of options. This means that besides looking at the latest trends, you will also need to make some decisions on your own. After all, the dimensions of beach houses vary and you may need to add more elements to a room and remove others from another room. Nevertheless, we are about to show you the latest trends for your mid-century modern beach house. Hopefully, these will inspire you. 

Table of Contents

  1. The Latest Trends
    1. Living Room
    2. Entryway
    3. Dining Room
    4. Bedroom

Overall speaking, when decorating a mid-century modern beach house, you want to ensure that you embrace a mix of angular and clean lines as well as some organic forms. Besides, you should also consider adding natural textures.

Living Room

When you are looking to decorate the living room of your mid-century modern beach house, you should look for a mix of coastal and modern design elements. This ensures that you get a casual and simple design that stands out. 

For natural textures, you can consider adding woven side tables and armchairs. You may also opt for a leather sofa. As for lighting, you can go for rattan pendant lights and a tripod lamp to get a cozier feel. But you can’t forget to add some coastal elements as well. So, you can include some jute floor cushions or bamboo shades, for example. 

Blue is a popular color for beach houses. So, make sure that you add it to your living room as well.


Entryways tend to be neglected in what concerns décor. However, you can do better than that and add a cool and trendy feel. 

One of the best options that you have is to add a beautiful credenza in a natural, light wood finish that will set the tone for this space. But to make it stand out even more, you can add some beachy decor. 

In case you don’t have a lot of light, you can always choose a beautiful light pendant. 

Dining Room

For your dining room, you need to make sure that you make it approachable and casual. So, you should look for modern forms but always keep in mind that light wood is better. Mixing it up with black chairs with armrests can surely complete this style and create a contrast. As always, a sideboard can be quite helpful not to mention that it can help create the space as well. On top of it, you can choose a vibrant painting with a beachy theme. 

On top of the dining table, you should look for a beautiful mid-century modern chandelier. 


When you think about decorating a bedroom, your ultimate goal is to make it cozy and comfortable. However, there is no reason why you can’t add a modern touch to it as well. 

For your bedroom, you can opt for a neutral color scheme but make one of the walls stand out using a bolder tone. 

Layered bedding and a boho mix of pillows also add comfort and a casual pop of color to the bed.

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