3 Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lighting Ideas

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Last updated: March 24, 2023

When looking for the perfect mid-century modern pendant lighting for your home, you may feel overwhelmed with so many options. 

Lighting is a very important part of any mid-century modern home. So, we inspected the options available and show you the most prominent ones. 

Overall, we usually make pendant lighting of glass or brass material. The shapes can be very different. The most common shapes include the cone or sphere, but we can also find other geometrical forms. 

Table of Contents

  1. Our Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lighting Picks
    1. #1: Mid-Century Modern Hourglass Light Fixture
    2. #2: Gold-Dipped Globe Pendant Lighting
    3. #3: A Classic Sputnik Chandelier
    4. Bottom Line

Our Mid-Century Modern Pendant Lighting Picks

#1: Mid-Century Modern Hourglass Light Fixture

If there is a shape for lighting that is widely recognized in the mid-century modern style is the hourglass. 

We usually place this type of pendant lighting over the dining table, adding a luxurious feel and a friendly vibe. To make the most out of it, you can combine it with a wallpaper of your choice to make it stand out even more. 

#2: Gold-Dipped Globe Pendant Lighting

As we mentioned earlier, you can easily find mid-century modern pendant lighting in the shape of a sphere. So, why not choose a gold-dipped globe? 

In most cases, this type of globe pendant is small. They are more useful in smaller dining rooms above the dining table. We don’t need to tell you that its curves and clean lines will perfectly fit the rest of your mid-century modern decor.

#3: A Classic Sputnik Chandelier

While the previous two shapes are classic, nothing shows more beautifully for the mid-century modern style than a traditional sputnik chandelier. 

This pendant lighting is available in many versions. However, they all use the same inspiration: the Soviet Union’s first space satellite, Sputnik, which circled the globe in the fall of 1957, to the shock of America. In case you don’t remember, it featured several antennas sticking out from the middle and was about the size of a beach ball. Most sputnik chandeliers feature globe bulbs, crystal accents, and a beautiful and chic brass finish. 

Make the most of this beautiful piece and choose a different color for your walls. Blue wallpaper, for example, will be a perfect match for this type of pendant lighting.

Bottom Line

Adding beautiful mid-century modern pendant lighting (or several) to your room doesn’t need to be complicated. You have plenty of options. So, you just need to consider your room dimensions and personal preferences. 

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