MidCentury Modern Turntable Stands for Music

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Are you a Bosch fan? The Amazon Studios series about Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch is fantastic! The series has inspiration from several books by Michael Connelly. They include the City of Bones, Echo Park, and The Concrete Blonde. The series is part of a sub-genre known as detective fiction. It focuses on detectives as the protagonist and their investigative procedures.

We bring up Bosch because he has an amazing midcentury modern home with an amazing view of Los Angeles! More so, his midcentury modern turntable stand and stereo system are a to die for prized possession! If this isn’t enough to inspire you to watch Bosch, the series plot will! We have to question what kind of salary Bosch gets to be able to afford such a beautiful place. Ok, we don’t think he’s on the take!

Table of Contents

  1. MidCentury Modern is Not a Fad
  2. A Retro MidCentury Modern Turntable Stand Will Light Your Fire
  3. Mid-Century Modern Lumiwood Vinyl Media Console
  4. A Music Center that Attracts Crowds and a Symphony
  5. Victrola Jackson: 7-in-1 Music Center, Espresso

MidCentury Modern is Not a Fad

We continue to believe in the attraction to midcentury and midcentury modern design. Debates come and go but home decor manufacturers do not make these products on blind trust. Millennials and later generations have adopted this style for real economic reasons. Condos are small and expensive. Rental units are smaller and more expensive. Consumer electronics are sleeker, have sharper lines thanks to Apple designers. The rest of the industry followed along with Apple.

As such, do you think people will then look to clunkier furniture and home decor ideas as a result? No. Homeowners today must adapt. They have smaller spaces, sharper but cleaner edges. They need to find things that adapt well to space and design. Otherwise, there’s no sale.

A Retro MidCentury Modern Turntable Stand Will Light Your Fire

Did you know vinyl records are making a comeback? In 2020, vinyl LP (Long play) made its comeback with 27.5 million units sold. A mix between audiophiles and newer generations, countless listeners seek focused listening. Music is an experience versus a race. Retro is back and music is a focused experience against a digital ocean of songs.

Infographic: The Vinyl Comeback Continues | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

We were never fans of the composite materials found in most IKEA home decor products. A lot of their furniture products use a composite material that is strong but lighter. At a lower price, maintenance is reasonable. The composite is wood-plastic and wood fiber waste helps the environment. We do commend IKEA for adopting principles of the circular economy.

Our design tastes struggle as nothing compares to real wood. When we looked around, we found limited options through major retail channels. We did find one we like. A lot.

Mid-Century Modern Lumiwood Vinyl Media Console

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B06Y3DM4D5&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL800 &tag=mcm lumiwood record cabinet media console 20

This midcentury modern turntable stand is made with wholesome, high-quality Ashwood.

If you’re already experimenting with modern home decor, this stand will be a sure-fire win. The hairpin legs scream for a modern, sleek finish. Perfect for any modern, stylish hardwood floor.

The stand supports your turntable and your solid collection of fine music. If you’re Bosch, you’re into jazz music. If not, your classical music will fit in fine. 😀

No one buys a high-quality wooden stand like this unless they are a true audiophile.

The cabinet is 29 inches long x 15″ Deep x 27″ Tall and is suitable for storage. The upper platform comes in at 18″ long x 15″ deep. The stand is a little over 44 pounds.

For any serious music collector, you will impress with musical and design cues that cannot be ignored. The simple, clean look is modern, yet efficient for challenged living spaces.

A Music Center that Attracts Crowds and a Symphony

This one reminds us of a stereo music center cabinet that some parents had. Some of us had parents with a music center that had two parts: a bar cabinet for stemware and a section for the turntable. The bar cabinet had a glass sliding door and a wooden door to protect the turntable. Yes, it’s true. If you think about the time, it was a time for social theatre, drinks, music, and home parties. Retro cool.

The parent’s retro home stereo music center:

We found another gem in a sea of options. This music center unit comes very close with design cues and a smaller footprint for though smaller living spaces, whether it’s a condo, townhome or bungalow. We love it for the modern touches and included technologies!

Victrola Jackson: 7-in-1 Music Center, Espresso

q? encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B07XD3SLDV&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format= SL800 &tag=mcm victrola jackson 7in1 media center 20

Made by Victrola, we love this one because we love the wooden trim, design, and bent feet! Reminds me of the exact unit our parents use to have in their living room. The rush of the late ’60s is flooding in.

The Espresso color makes for a nice compliment to any modern home decor interior.

What We Like

It’s not that heavy! Weighing in at 12.3 pounds, you’re not going to need some lazy kids to help move it around.

If you’re old enough or claim to be a retro gearhead, you’re going to love this one! A belt-driven 3-speed turntable. Yes, vinyl LP records that play at 33 1/3, 45 (single – Ma Ma Ma Ma My Sharona!), and the super-strong 78’s that could chop a head off!

You can wireless stream music from your iPhone or Android smartphone through Bluetooth. Bluetooth allows wireless streaming from 33 feet away!

Besides the turntable, enjoy music on a CD player, from a USB with music, or FM radio through the built-in speakers. You can also use wired headphones with an installed jack or through Bluetooth. The speakers are powerful at 40 watts. You can enjoy your music center from your living room with included remote control.

The unit measures 28.35″ X 14.25 ” X 28.5″ and is about 2.5 feet with the stand. The product was launched in December 2017. It continues to be a hot-seller with positive customer feedback.

If you’re looking to add mid-century style, this is a great choice! The speaker provides great, powerful feedback. The espresso – actually, walnut wood — plays nice with dark grain hardwood floors.

If you’re going to experiment with Mad Men-style, this is a great way to start with mid-century but modern touches. Go ahead and drop some old-school jazz or Elvis Presley because the party is getting started.


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