Enchanting Mint Green Kitchen Decor

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Last updated: April 9, 2023

Kitchen décor in mint green, dark green, and other green shades are starting to get some spotlight coverage given the overwhelming popularity of white kitchens and home decor that continues to reign supreme in American households. Despite being a darker shade, the color exudes warmth, which explains its soaring popularity during these times when people crave a more soothing atmosphere with various shades of green look in the home. Cool tones have become popular.

A beautiful kitchen that incorporates pale green crockery, but uses a modern feel of white walls, olive green kitchen cabinets, and a kitchen backsplash with white tiles as a focal point, is a good choice for sprucing things up! Even a lighter shade for green walls or the use of mint accents around a breakfast nook can stand the test of time. Your new kitchen could even benefit from a bolder shade that acts as a vibrant color, providing an energized but warm feel to the most popular room in the home.

I want to point out how much I love the pastel shade of the mineral jadeite. What is Jadeite, you ask? It is a silicate material from the pyroxene family but it is gem-grade quality. The most desired version is jadeite, which you may have heard of as “imperial jade” because it ranges from transparent to opaque. It has very small veins, or nodules, known as cryptocrystalline lenses. You have likely seen this in oriental ornamentation and home decor.

This article shares some green kitchen ideas to give you tips on incorporating the color green into your living space, together with some mint green kitchen decor pieces that you can use. If you already have a craft room (artist space) in your home, get your greens out. They’re good for you. 😉

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Go Green with a Rolling Island

If you are not yet ready to commit to dark green kitchen cabinets, a great way to bring in the color is through a rolling island that you can easily swap in and out. The best thing about a rolling green kitchen island is that you can paint it once you have decided to try a different shade. A green island is a great color for a farmhouse kitchen because it gives off a familiar rustic feel.

Jaclyn Peters Design Studio, based in Winnipeg (Manitoba) Canada, has some stunning examples of kitchen themes with large or small appliances, use of lighter and darker green color, to flood your eyes with modern, farmhouse beauty. Hayley Francis has some great examples of interior design and home decor on her Instagram page too.

Green Tiles to Make it Bright and Breezy

Green tiles in your kitchen can make the space look and feel bright and breezy. Using minty green tiles, in particular, can give you the comforting feeling you crave, especially when you are busy preparing meals for yourself or your family.

A Touch of Green in the Pantry

Another easy way to pull off a green kitchen design is to use the color for the pantry alone instead of the entire kitchen itself. You can use the color of nature to a smaller area that doesn’t receive much light. Using green terracotta tiles for the pantry will surely put a big smile on your face every time you grab some snacks or cooking supplies. 

Let the Backsplash Shine

There are times when even the slightest touch of color can already go a long way. A mint green backsplash shines even more and takes center stage if you keep the rest of your kitchen simple. 

Focus on Your Kitchen Fixtures

Ceiling fans are essential for comfort if you live in an area with a warmer climate. Sadly, these fixtures can undermine the overall design of your kitchen. The good news is that there are now ceiling fans that don’t look outdated and old, making them practical and pleasant fixtures that can make your space look good and keep it cool simultaneously. 

Let Nature Inspire You

Green kitchen walls accentuated with the trees in your region can help you bring the serenity and peacefulness of the outside world right inside your home.

Boho to the Rescue

When trying to achieve an eclectic boho aesthetic, mint green is probably not the first shade you will consider using as a base. To achieve a cohesive and multi-dimensional look, you can choose two mint shades and balance these on the opposite sides of your kitchen table

Green Color to Go Formal

It used to be that mint green was exclusive for beachy surf chalets and country cottages. Multiple marble layers on the kitchen counter and sink combined with brass and glass open shelving can make a mint green modern kitchen equally suitable even for people in high society. 

Tone on Tone is the Best Way to Go

A paint scheme that uses several green tones like emerald green and pastel green is one of the best ways to add bold colors to your kitchen without making it too overpowering. 

Find Cues from Springtime

If you want to keep other parts sweet and straightforward, there is no reason for the bright pastels not to work well in your kitchen. Nature lovers can use a touch of cheery mint green on their lower cabinets. You can also use some pastel yellow countertop canisters to achieve that springtime vibe right in your kitchen all year long. 

Throw in Traditional Elements

Yes, mint green is a color that goes well even with traditional elements and Southern-inspired houses. Since this shade works just as well as neutral colors, this can fit in with chinoiserie accents and brick flooring. Interior designers also suggest letting in some natural light complementing everything wouldn’t hurt.

Choose Marble

You can combine mint green with brass fixtures and sleek marble for a more luxurious and contemporary appeal in your kitchen. 

Natural brass finishes and a marble countertop have surfaces that beautifully wear as they age, achieving that sense of story-filled longevity that is often common in older houses. 

Terrazzo with Mint Green

Using mint green to add a pop of color against a terrazzo surface is a fun and cheeky trend that is hard to resist. Green kitchen décor and green kitchen accessories can instantly add a jolt of energy to your kitchen space. 

Add Statement Appliances

A not so common but easy way to add some color to large spaces in your kitchen is through appliances. With careful thought and planning, you could impress yourself with the changes. Changing your fridge or dishwasher will be cheaper than replacing your built-in cabinetry with dark green cabinets. Doing this gives you the chance to experiment with shades you like and still keep things neutral enough, especially if you plan to sell your house in the future. 

Enamel-on-Steel Tea Kettle

This adorable kettle will indeed look great on your stove. It comes in a chip-resistant finish in turquoise color, a heat-resistant handle, and a two-quart capacity. 

Retro Microwave Oven

This microwave, reminiscent of the 50’s features state-of-the-art technology, is easy to use, good-looking, and powerful; this will make your kitchen counter extra cute and cozy.

Smeg Toaster

The Smeg counter is no doubt one of the best kitchen appliances in a mint green color that you can find in the market right now. This 50’s-inspired toaster offers top-notch performance while adding a pop of green to your white quartz countertop. 

You can also leverage other colorful accessories like an oven mitt or even heat resistant silicone kitchen utensils to spruce up your kitchen.

Experiment with Curves

Mint green has this unique softness that makes it the best color for interior designs that use round edges, and this is something you should consider when choosing corner styles, knobs and pulls, and wallpaper for your kitchen. If you want ceramic-inspired and organic shapes, this color is your best choice. 

Try Light Gray and Mint Green Combo

When mixed, Mint green and light gray neatly blend between country and cozy, sleek, and sophisticated. For example, your lower cabinets can be painted in dark shades of Benjamin Moore green paint and pair it with wallpaper on your backsplash to create a kitchen perfect for those lazy afternoons of coffee with friends and even fancy dinner parties with colleagues. 

Treat Mint Green as a Neutral

Mint green has warmer shades that exude the same feelings of coziness and calm as French creams and whites. If you have always wanted a French country appeal, but you still dream of a kitchen that will stand out from those you see on Pinterest, this hue is what you should try. 

Accentuate with Matte Black Accents

If you want your min green kitchen to have some edge, you can sprinkle some matte black accents, specifically in drawer pulls and light fixtures. You can further augment this contrast with white with cool undertones or true white in other parts of the space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mint Green?

Mint color is the combination of green, white, and blue, and its intensity will depend on the specific proportion of every component. Mint green is often confused with other colors, such as celadon and the delicate aquamarine shade. Another color that looks similar is bright green-cyan. These shades have tiny differences and usually depend on brightness, temperature, and saturation. 

Is a Mint Green Kitchen Wall a Good Idea?

Mint green kitchen walls can look very interesting and elegant if you match these well with your interior. In this case, the room’s style is not the sole factor to consider. One more thing to consider is the size of the interior. If you have limited space, your best option is light mint green, ensuring that the shade will not overwhelm the interior.

Should you Consider Mint Green Kitchen Cabinets?

Picking mint green furniture such as cabinets may be a bit bolder, mainly because these might be harder to find. However, custom furniture is a likely requirement, but you can rest easy knowing no one else will have the same cabinet design in their apartment or house. 

What Mint Green Small Kitchen Appliances Should Be Considered?

If you have always dreamed of a colorful kitchen yet are worried that the idea might be too bold, the mint color in your kitchen will always be a big hit. Aside from walls, you can also look for small kitchen appliances in mint green colors, such as toasters, electric kettles, and ovens. If you want to go bigger, you can choose mint green coffee machines, refrigerators, food processors, and stovetops. 

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