Unique Ideas for Modern Bathroom Cabinets

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Modern bathroom vanities originated as toylet tables in 1762. Because there was no plumbing back then, there were no bathrooms. These tables were part of the master chambers, where they washed one’s face and hands.

Over the next century, they changed the name to a dressing table, then a vanity table. As bathrooms evolved, modern bathroom cabinets moved into this new room. Built-in sinks, wall-hanging mirrors, and storage space became the latest trend.

Today, the choices of modern vanities are vast. Different styles, sizes, and materials allow you to create the decor of your dreams. Consider these suggestions if you are looking for a trendy, modern design for your bathroom.

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Solid wood

Nothing beats the look of natural wood for a warm and high-quality look. Certain types of wood are more durable than others and can be used for vanity cabinets. Solid oak is a great way to introduce luxurious bathroom furniture into your new room. 

Not only is oak one of the hardest and sturdiest woods available, but it is less prone to rotting or warping from humidity. Birch is also a hardwood that is similar in looks to light oak. It has warp-resistant properties but scratches more easily than oak. Both kinds of wood blend nicely with modern, clean lines in a contemporary design.

Maple is a hardwood with a distinctive reddish tint, making the furniture look elegant. It is a great choice for redoing a master bath but is rarely available at low prices. Also, hardwood and easy to blend with natural surroundings; it is highly durable and resistant to cracking and warping.

Secondary choices


Plywood is a product used for many contemporary vanities. While not as strong as solid wood, the thicker the layers of veneer, the more resilient to water and steam. This material is a popular choice for adding color to an outer laminate you don’t get with solid wood. White, gray, and black are popular colors used with plywood in a modern bathroom cabinet.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

MDF and particleboard are not as durable as plywood. However, using it in powder rooms with no showers or tubs can limit moisture. Use for a side cabinet or open shelves where the weight is light. 


Metal is becoming a more common element in modern bathrooms. Stainless steel makes a great impression on a modern bathroom vanity or a vessel sink. Sleek, stainless steel is resistant to mildew and rust and is waterproof. Medicine cabinets are a great place to add a brilliant and germ-free material with timeless beauty.

Modern Styles

Ample storage space is returning as a modern trend for contemporary bathroom vanities. This can give you many choices on contemporary, farmhouse, transitional, and many other styles. A wall-mounted design or a freestanding unit can add a rich and trendy accent to your master bathroom

Floating vanities are the latest trend in vanity sets. Mounted to the wall, a space gets created between the vanity’s bottom and the floor. This gives the impression of the furniture suspended in space and makes the room look larger. The floor is also easier to clean with clearance to the wall. 

We need professional installation because of the strong support frame that must get built. Often customized, you can make the size of your vanity unit fit almost any area. We can make any shape and size, from small bathrooms to double sink vanities. 

A long, sleek solid wood model will keep a minimalist appearance and provide extra storage with soft close drawers and sweeping handles. Suspended single sink vanities can help create more space in smaller bathrooms with little room for a sink. A 30-inch bathroom vanity with a hanging bathroom mirror can make a perfect display in a half-bath when used with light colors.

Measurements are very important in selecting a new bathroom vanity set. Some vanities come in various stock sizes. Visit a home improvement store, like Home Depot, to get an idea of what size you need. Another thought is the height of your vanity top. In recent years, a 36-inch height has replaced the 32-inch height. Use your height to determine which one works best for you. 

Also, remember the dimensions of your room for a different size vanity. If you are expanding a bathroom, a double sink vanity may be what you desire. However, ensure your bath vanity is in proportion to other additions, such as a walk-in shower or freestanding tub.

A console table vanity is an upscale way to feature the elegance of smaller spaces. Not overbearing of space but rich in formation and style, it can be one of the first things noticed in guest baths. A ceramic sink with a white finish atop a solid walnut wood vanity brings balance to contemporary styles.

Dresser-style bathroom vanities add charm and character to a larger bathroom. Solid wood is a favorite for bringing the best design trend. Farmhouses or modern industrial styles are famous for showing off natural wood with metal hardware. With endless storage options, you won’t need a closet.

High-End Vanity Brands

An Italian contemporary home demands the best of products in each room. A double sink vanity in larger bathrooms helps to spread elegance in all spaces. For example, luxury and storage abound from custom double sinks that offer great storage. Floating amid straight lines and an acrylic countertop, a fresh and natural beauty captures the room.

Stainless steel is a mark of excellence. However, the cost is usually of the utmost importance. At $37,000, Etrro Sanitaryware vanities may be the cream of the crop but do not deliver at the best prices. The style speaks originality, but it could be a while before stainless steel in vanities is a reality to many.

A less costly trend in modern bathrooms is the installation of ceiling fans. While using modern bathroom vanities designed to withstand steam and dampness, fans help remove access humidity in the room. Damp-rated ceiling fans keep those expensive vanities and fixtures looking brand new.

A stunning Vinnova wash basin design can bring out the best in a luxury counter space. A white sink with artistic shapes made from high quality materials can be the highlight of your bathroom. Choose a different color to boost recognition of your modern vanity while keeping with a luxurious feel. A double bathroom vanity with character and finesse is perfect for several decor styles. 

Modern bathroom cabinets start with excellent materials and outstanding designs. Depending on the size of the room and the number of occupants are essential factors. Italian and American designers offer the best in quality and innovation regarding durability and long-term use. Marble and gold are making a comeback in trends for bathroom vanities.

Matching accessories, like a linen tower or wall mirror, adds an artistic flair. If you are unsure what decorating tone to use with your bathroom redo, most furniture companies offer advice on your wants, needs, and appearance.

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