Faux-Style Moose Kitchen Decor

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Last updated: April 9, 2023

Did you know that Moose was a delicacy for various indigenous tribes like the Mi’kmaq and Cree? They also used the oil and grease from the bones for medicinal purposes.

Many hunters framed moose heads to admire the animal and their kill. However, this likely does not sit well with organizations like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Moose survival is a big concern in many jurisdictions. I did a random search and found out that Ontario has more moose hunters than Moose. I reference Ontario because the Moose is Ontario’s provincial coat of arms. The local government believes that many factors affect moose survival or cause reproductive harm.

While birth defect data is limited, the higher temperatures that the Province and North America have experienced in recent years have impacted moose feeding. Higher temperatures have lowered fat reserves that Moose need for the winter. Ultimately, this means the poorer quality or inadequate milk quantities for calves. So while reproductive stress isn’t evident, there is a greater likelihood of death since calvers grow with a poor body condition for winter weather.

For example, they have concluded that climate change, habitat, hunting, disease, bears, and wolves affect survival. As of November 2021 for Ontario, there are 91,000 provincially licensed moose hunters and 78,000 mooses in areas where hunting is allowed. An additional 13,2000 moose live in the regions that do not allow hunting. Ontario’s analysis is a rather interesting read, and you can read more on this government page.

The Good News

The good news is that you don’t have to kill or use a real moose to give your home a rustic, traditional feel, and it is a great way to enjoy and live without guilt. Many creators, both in arts and crafts, found on Etsy and more specialized art sites, produce decorative moose kitchen decor items. In recent years, I’ve seen more homes with moose decor, be it the dining room or kitchen.

Whether it is seasonal or elemental, such as having a log cabin home in the country, people seek unique comforts for their home, whether it’s a cute moose salt and pepper shaker or moose silhouette wall decor.

Transform Your Kitchen with Moose Decorative Pieces

Since most of the moose kitchen decor items you can find online today offer free shipping within a few business days, you can quickly set up your home or lodge decor in no time at a fraction of a cost. There are moose kitchen accessories include moose kitchen towel holder, moose kitchen decor, moose cooking tools, and so much more.

Faux moose head can surely turn your ordinary kitchen into your wilderness reminiscent of the most majestic wild creatures in the state of California. From moose utensils to glassware and other intricately made accents, you can be sure that you will find something to help you create a unique wildlife-inspired area where you can bond with your family.

You can bring moose country and its glorious grandeur right into your own home with the moose dining and kitchen pieces. How’s this for an idea? A Moose antler acting durable towel holder for your kitchen or cabin decor? Look no further. Wayfair has what you need. ;). This wall-mounted towel bar works best in the kitchen but could be used in the bathroom as well.

This Moose Head Faux item is perfect for your kitchen wall decor. Available in white, aqua, black, black/chrome, black/gold, and 13 other colors, you have a fantastic amount of styling choices without hurting any moose population! Of course, you can find this at Wayfair.

Moose Home Decor Pieces for Every Part of Your Home

Moose décor is part of rustic home interior design. As discussed earlier, Moose is often regarded as the symbol of a genuine hunting spirit that hunters take pride in by displaying their kill in their cabin kitchen or living room next to every other moose art piece they own.

Today, however, even non-hunters can use moose decorations to give their home a natural feel.

Some mothers get creative during Christmas and Halloween and make special treats (Moose-shaped sweets) for the kitchen and family entertainment room. Yum yum.

Here are some other great ideas.

Moose Dining and Kitchen Accessories

As I mentioned earlier, you can glamorize your dining table or kitchen with moose pepper shakers, hook shelves, durable towel holders, and even a decorative holder for your glasses and pots.

If you want a unique holiday flair, you can also use serving platters, serving bowls, salad servers, and coffee mugs that feature wild moose designs.

You can also spruce up your bar counter with wine coolers, wine glass holders, pool table lights, table caddies, and more. There are also iron spice racks, salt and pepper holders, and so much more.

How about a unique kitchen chandelier? Available on Wayfair, Loon Peak sells the Ponte 3 – Light Shaded Wagon Wheel Chandelier, which looks incredible and would fit nicely in a rustic cabin lodge. It sure does remind me of Amazon Prime’s Yellowstone series. I admit it. I’m currently addicted and binging on the current season.

Moose Art for a Classy Home

Moose art is a unique art that will look great in any home. These pieces can include metal wall art, advice paintings, wall hangings, wood carvings, tapestry, window graphics, and moose bronze stands. These art pieces can give your home a touch of the wildness of Moose and create a unique ambiance.

Some are with cast iron, and others are handcrafted pieces that can serve as a decorative element for many years to come. You can buy these pieces online and make sure you check the privacy policy of the shop you are buying from to ensure the best shopping experience.

I found some classy selections of Moose art from Wayfair. My favorite? Majestic Moose by Marion Rose. High Country Moose by LightBoxJournal is a beautiful one too. The last one is called Winter Moose by Eric Fan. I love this one as it’s perfect for the living room, kitchen, or near a small side table or desk.

Moose Inspired Furniture

You have countless options for moose furniture designs and accents. You might not be a fan of moose decor (yet), but there is a style that resonates in grandeur and beauty.

Some of the best options for living rooms include ottomans, sofas, or benches.

A console table near the fireplace can include captivating moose patterns and designs. There are also moose patio chairs, rocking chairs, and pine-end tables available in different colors. The best options for bar and dining areas include moose-style bar chairs, pub chairs, wilderness chairs, end tables, and coffee tables.

Want to add something over your large flatscreen tv? How about this lovely handcrafted authentic Canadian Moose Head made from rustic pine furniture. It is available on Wayfair.

Stylish and Comfort Sleep with Moose Bedding

Feel like the bedroom is dull and needs an upgrade? Moose-style bedding can create a unique and natural ambiance. You will find many choices and options.

Moose beds are available in dual, single, or bunker style that is guaranteed to take your sleeping experience to the next level. For example, there are more simple forest wood-inspired bedding pieces with simple colors. If you are more adventurous, there are more lavish moose designs. For your bedspread ensembles, there are also moose pillows, bed sheets, shams, blankets, cushions, floor mats, and rugs.

This Tyndall Red/Black Microfiber Reversible Quilt Set is a beautifully rich red color and looks deliciously warm for the bedroom. I love this Rustic Patch Moose Body pillowcase, also sold on Wayfair.

Many contain delicate fabrics with unique textures that will surely invite into dreamland in no time.

Draperies, upholstery, and curtains can also complete the ambiance of your bedroom. Moose silhouettes in comforters and quilts can make your sleeping quarters even more charming and inviting.

Are there also moose accessories for the bathroom?

Yes, there are also moose accessories for the bathroom. You can make your bathroom feel and look wild and sophisticated simultaneously using moose pieces such as bathroom wall décor, wall mounting hardware, little drawers, and hand towels.

There are also hook coat racks, towel holder rings, towel roll stands, switch plates, mirror frames, toothbrush holders, tissue holders, wastebaskets, and more.

Why decorate your home with moose décor?

Moose home and kitchen décor can be the perfect addition to create a rustic look. Moose lodge décor can be a great way to add a unique flair to your living spaces.

Where should you buy moose décor?

Whether you are looking for pieces for personal use or as the perfect gift for others, you can shop for moose décor online. Most shops will ask for your email address when you sign up to their mailing list. Doing this will ensure that you always get your hands on special deals and the latest products before others know about them.

What other moose decorations can you use for your newly renovated home?

If you are in the process of home renovation from scratch, you won’t have a hard time incorporating moose décor pieces, especially if you are a certified nature lover. Some of the decorative elements you can get include moose chimes, wall clocks, pen holders, vintage boards, treasure boxes, wallpapers, and vases.

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