Seductive New York Kitchen Design

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Last updated: March 25, 2023

If any city maximizes vertical space, it’s New York City. The five boroughs are nothing but mixed-use tall skyscraper buildings combining parking areas, eateries, shops, work environments, and rental space effortlessly. So, it’s no surprise that no stone is left unturned in NY kitchen design. In the metropolitan area, there are more than a few art showroom examples on display with the latest trends which offer interior decorating ideas. Have a look at Klein Kitchen and Bath Showrooms for a start.

Kitchen systems in New York apartments, condos, lofts, and homes juggle simplicity and functionality. Learn the New York design for a large or small kitchen and what contractors will do to create the magazine-worthy look come to life.

New residents to New York City learn this their first time. Residential renovations in New York City are very difficult because of the byzantine steps through paperwork and regulations from noise to dust. Space in New York, like Japan, is an extremely valuable and finish commodity. You need to find a construction company and home renovator that delivers excellent customer service and user experience, keeping noise down for you and your building neighbors. If they’ve won design awards , this will be a plus but focus on their ability to control costs that meet your budget.

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The Kitchen Remodel and Renovation

A New York general contractor relies on a three-step process to transform a modern kitchen into your dream kitchen. The three steps are design, supply, and installation.

New York Kitchen Design - modern loft apartment


The design process sub categorizes into budget, measurement, layout, and finishes. You and the contractor deliberate a budget compromise. Then the contractor measures the room several times to make a kitchen area that considers counter space and what works with electrical, plumbing, space layout and personal needs.

The New York kitchen is not complete until you pick out the finishing touches. The countertops, backsplash, flooring, cabinets, appliances, lighting, fixtures, and more will pull the look together.


Never let a recognizable name brand sway you to blow the budget. There are company brands and lesser-known brands that are quality made and functional like name brands and international brands. The goal is to pick something functional, beautiful, meet the budget, fit personal tastes, and blend in with kitchen decor.


The project manager and the contractor oversee the installation process. Experienced and knowledgeable team members will take the blueprint and make it a reality. Only the best experts will form your kitchen piece by piece.

After receiving a timetable, you may need alternate living arrangements because the noise may be bothersome. If there are delays or sudden changes, you will communicate with a team member about a compromise. When the process is complete, you’ll get a warranty.

The New York Kitchen

Kitchen Peninsula

Yearning for a kitchen island in your New York design? Consider a kitchen peninsula instead. It operates as an island, but a wall or beam connects one side. Every step of the way, designers can create the perfect size peninsula for your kitchen space, including adding countertop waterfalls.

When the countertop material extends down and represents one side, it is a countertop waterfall. On a peninsula, one side attaches to a wall or beam while the countertop waterfall is on the other side. It’s one of many innovative designs contractors and an interior designer create for the kitchen area.


One of many renovation projects in the kitchen is the flooring. The first step in choosing the correct flooring is determining whether the flooring divides or connects the open floor plan. From there, pick the material that suits the space.

Use tile, concrete, or porcelain floors in the kitchen and wood or carpet in the living room to create two separate rooms in one area. Unite the space by adding a floor type like laminate suitable for both rooms.

New York Kitchen Design - new modern city loft apartment


The contrast to countertop space is the backsplash wall. Subway tile is the premier design for NY kitchens. Yet, as you choose material and color, kitchen designers will ask will the backsplash stand out or blend in.

Backsplashes that blend in make the cabinets and countertops pop. Backsplashes that stand out become a focal point in the kitchen. A backsplash can stand out because of the color, material, shiny texture, or under-cabinet lights.


A modern home can experiment with color in the kitchen. However, New York custom kitchen designs use color with calculation due to lack of space. Therefore, the design team uses three colors max for the new kitchen.

Since hardware, light fixtures, and water fixtures are gold, bronze, or silver, it should be the first color. The color of cabinets, drawers, kitchen islands, and open shelves is the second color. If you want to divide the colors of upper cabinets and lower cabinets or cabinets and open shelves, use the two remaining colors.

New York KItchen Design - modern city loft apartment

The de facto color in an NYC kitchen renovation is white. The cabinets, the flooring, the island/peninsula, and the fixtures are white. An all-white New York kitchen is clean and open.

A kitchen remodeler can use white as one of three colors to blend the all-white and color debate. The hardware and fixtures should match the fixture’s finish as another color, and the last color’s location is up to you. Depending on who you choose, the remodeler may also have bathroom designers or bath designers to remodel your small bathroom.


Extend cabinet and wood trim color to the appliances. A nifty idea is trading refrigerator doors for panel door styles. This kitchen design idea blends the appliances with the kitchen color, including a white kitchen.

Another idea is installing a wall oven and a countertop range over a freestanding oven cooktop. New York kitchens take the less is more approach to save space. Licensed contractors will find a perfect location to install an oven inside the wall.


The New York kitchen style uses all available space for storage. Corner areas, gaps between appliances, and gaps between upper cabinets and the ceiling are not exempt. Embrace the open feeling with cabinet doors that are see-through glass and open shelves.

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Save more space by adding finger pulls instead of hardware to open and close drawers. The pulls are also great for living room drawers and stainless steel appliances.

With storage, open shelves and see-through cabinets provide space for items you want visible to yourself and guests. An option is matching custom cabinets to hardwood flooring. There are also built-in shelves that pull out in corners or gaps between appliances and the countertop.

In summary, mix open shelving, see-through cabinets, and concealed cabinets for storage variety.


Above the midtown Manhattan kitchen backsplash and below upper cabinets is under cabinet lights. The task lights are one of many lighting ideas available in a wide variety of finishes. Lighting lights up cramped kitchens and aids in making the space feel open.

Design-build firms know that a mix of lighting styles is great for a New York kitchen. Besides under cabinet lights, entire homes should incorporate a few more light types such as flush mounts, pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, puck lights, table lamps, and ceiling fan lights. Rely on windows to shed some light while providing a view of the NYC skyline from the bar stool.

Choose a company such as German Kitchen Center with years of experience, a varied selection of products, and a location in the New York New Jersey tri-state area. You deserve the kitchen of your dreams, and it should be a top priority. Experts will offer pendant lights and other kitchen products that are high end quality no matter the budget and find new ways to make your kitchen pop.

New York CIty Design - penthouse terrace in big city

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost of a New York Kitchen Remodel or Renovation?

For unsurpassed quality, you can pick the high-priced remodel or renovation for $65,000. The low end is between $20,000 and $25,000, and the mid-range is around $35,000. Consider materials, labor, color options, and installation services as you turn the heart of your home into a jaw-dropping masterpiece.

The average cost NYC residents spend is between $45,000 and $50,000. The price is not economical as each decision made is worth hundreds or thousands of dollars. Be selective about a company’s rigorous quality standards on planning, labor, materials such as custom cabinetry, and return policy.

If you have a good experience, you can call them back to design the dining room or your private home next.

What is a New York Style Kitchen?

Four words describe the New York kitchen style: exposed, open, gritty, and retro. An exposed kitchen means revealing things normally hidden behind doors and walls. Ductwork pipes, water heaters, ceiling beams, and exposed brick are visible.

An open kitchen introduces the outdoors indoors through plants, rocks, and other natural materials. Gritty refers to the wide range of options in countertop, flooring, backsplash, and cabinet material available in the United States. Concrete and steel are great examples, and both give off an industrial vibe that is in demand.

Retro refers to kitchen decor pieces. The final touches of classic artwork, vintage furniture, and rustic tables fit the retro vibe seamlessly. It looks great with white cabinets and wood veneers to channel that New York City long island vibe.

Like Keith Steier, mix and match the four components of a New York-style kitchen along with cabinet lighting for functional and eye-pleasing results.

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