Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Pool Additions

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Outdoor kitchen designs are the best way to spend time outside your swimming pool on hot summer days, with no need to go back and forth to your indoor kitchen to grab or prepare something to eat. By creating an outdoor space with its fire pits, side burners, and more, it is now possible to bring your living spaces right into your pool area.

Here’s to hot days, the beverage cooler, the bar area, free-standing grill, new pool, and snazzy audio system (that the rest of the house can hear!). The cost of an outdoor kitchen could add up for your next popular addition. Plan wisely but let’s not deny that this is a fun way to enjoy life with great weather, family, and friends.

Outdoor kitchen designs with pool additions have become so popular mainly because of luxury homeowners, luxury home builders, and celebrities! You’ve seen the earliest examples on the ’50s and ’60s television programs, to the celebrity magazines of the same period with happy, smiling guests in the backyard with an amazing view of the mountains behind the swanky and clean lines of a Palm Springs midcentury modern home.

Since then, contemporary luxury homes have expanded ideas of the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. Today, a summer kitchen includes amazing outdoor pizza oven appliances which are high-end, portable, wood-fires, or gas line efficient.

As you think about outdoor kitchen ideas, have a look at Ooni Pizza Ovens. They make ovens which are perfect for outdoor use and small enough for any spacious outdoor kitchen or one with more limited space in the backyard lounge area. Ooni lists the publish date of 2021 for the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven and since then has created an extended range of ovens that complement other outdoor kitchen appliances with a range of price and size options.

Luxury homes show off outdoor pool concepts like the swanky pool design with a swim-up bar. The better way to enjoy your home is in your own backyard kitchen without the expensive Cancun trip!

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American Homeowner Survey

In a study by Statista, American homeowners were asked if they owned an outdoor kitchen in the garden. The survey data was overwhelmingly clear. Americans love their outdoor kitchens!

  • Forty-three percent of Americans said they were interested but did not have an outdoor kitchen
  • Ten percent of Americans said they planned to build one either by themselves or with a planned construction process using a project manager and general contractor
  • Another ten percent of American homeowners said they already have their own outdoor kitchen
  • Another thirty-eight percent said they did not have an outdoor kitchen and had no plans to have one

I should clarify that the definition of an outdoor kitchen in the garden (or with a pool) in this survey considers outdoor kitchen ideas like appliances and fixtures. This includes barbecue grills, kitchen counters, and sinks.

In a later study by Statista, a survey concluded that projected worldwide sales for outdoor cooking, entertaining, and recreation products would rise over four years to $11.5 billion (yes, that’s BILLION) from $9.9 billion. This includes outdoor kitchen features like patio furniture, a covered patio, an outdoor fridge, or even smaller counter refrigerators.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How much space you have determines if your outdoor kitchen inspiration is a large project or one that best fits into your budget. There are some amazing companies that can build your design ideas in a timely manner. Swenson Granite Work, in business since 1883, has numerous residential and commercial solutions. For residential homes, they use top material and help create that natural look with rough stone and granite countertops.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Like any plan, companies like Swenson Granite Work or interior design specialists, work with you to decide how your backyard landscape should look based on your needs. Do you need easy access to certain parts of your outdoor kitchen? As a side note, drainage issues sometimes get overlooked so it is a good idea to bring in experts if you’re not ready for the do-it-yourself (DIY) learning curve required to do things right. DIY can save you money but like costly kitchen remodels, a full backyard remodel with an outdoor kitchen in a convenient place isn’t much fun if you make a costly mistake.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Celebrities with Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchen and Pool Designs

If you need some outdoor kitchen ideas, why not take some cues from the following stars who are fully embracing the perks of their outdoor kitchens?

Courteney Cox

Blessed to live in a stunning beach house in Malibu, it doesn’t come as a surprise that she has a full-blown outdoor kitchen that lets her bask in the beautiful Californian climate anytime she wants. Courteney tucked the dining area at the end of her pool, making it the best spot for those weekend pool parties.

Jenna Dewan

Indoor-outdoor living was the top priority of Jenna Dewan when she did a makeover on the house, which she shared with her fiancé, Steve Kazee. There are wraparound glass doors that open out from the living area to the splendid terrace featuring informal seating beside the pool and a covered dining area.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner’s large family makes it the least surprising that she had a spacious outdoor dining area at her holiday home in Palm Springs. The covered terrace serves as the home to the square wooden dining table. There are also loungers and another bar seating area placed by the swimming pool right under the sun.

Sofia Vergara

The Beverly Hills house of the husband-and-wife Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara has its private pool and added an area for outdoor barbecues and a stylish outdoor kitchen accessible from the main house through a set of steps.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Opulent Poolside Kitchens for More Inspiration

Here are some fresh inspirations and great ideas to choose from so you can continue enjoying a luxurious outdoor kitchen life even as the temperatures go higher.

Outdoor Haven at 148 Corbata Ln, St. Augustine, FL

The glorious kitchen of 148 Corbata Ln, St. Augustine, FL boasts abundant counter space perfect for preparing a sumptuous feast by the pool. A fireplace, covered seating, and heated space serve as the highlight of the screened-in waterfall pool. This four-bedroom house is the true epitome of high-end outdoor living space, as evident in its spacious 5,770 square feet.

Water Views at 37428 Dirickson Creek Rd, Frankford, DE

The waterfront retreat at 37428 Dirickson Creek Rd, Frankford, DE, spans 3.3 acres puts a spotlight on the open-air kitchen that offers panoramic views of the bay and Dirickson Creek beyond. A sink, two-burner stove, grill, and Sub-Zero refrigerator make up the custom outdoor kitchen that services the pool, boat slip, pier, and courtyard of the mansion. This custom home measures 10,000 square feet also comes with a sauna, indoor hot tub, and a picturesque water view from all rooms.

Features Galore at 6024 E. Sunnyside Drive, Scottsdale, AZ

The six-bedroom mansion at 6024 E. Sunnyside Dr, Scottsdale, AZ, is such a delightful sight amid the desert. They neatly tucked the outdoor poolside kitchen below the high ceilings to keep it safe from the elements. Other elements include a grill, TV, and a smoker large enough to fill the tummies of your hungry family or friends. You can also find a good option for entertainment here that will surely suit your taste. The choices include the airy outdoor living area, pool, basketball court, putting green, and even a golf simulator.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Living by the Woods at 8913 Gallant Green Drive, McLean, VA

The six-bedroom estate at 8913 Gallant Green Dr, McLean, VA, was custom-built back in 2006. Don’t let its traditional, formal, and restrained interior fool you because the outside is where you can find all the fun.

Verdant putting greens, garden paths, and prominent surround the expansive 4,000-square-foot saltwater pool. You can find the equally enormous outdoor kitchen right off its side that functions as the central hub of the outdoor living space and include a couple of prep areas, cabinets, refrigerator, bar, and a grill to complete the outdoor kitchen experience.

A Lanai to Live for at 8006 Lake Lowery Rd, Haines City, FL

The almost 40-acre property at 8006 Lake Lowery Rd, Haines City, FL, overlooks Lake Lowery. Still, its real crown jewel is none other than the spacious screen lanai outfitted with a waterfall feature, fire pit, a heated pool spa, and a full outdoor kitchen.

Smoke will be the least of your worries when cooking a complete meal in the outdoor area because of the handy range hood above the grill. The temperature also remains cozy and relaxed thanks to the ceiling fans, and the large TV means you can still whip up your recipes without missing out on your favorite shows.

This four-bedroom house features a screened porch that offers 600 feet of lake frontage, four paved RV sites, and two greenhouses.

Paradise by the Pool at 23454 Sunset Dr, Los Gatos, CA

The owners did a total renovation in 2016 to transform the mansion at 23454 Sunset Dr, Los Gatos, CA, perched in the hills right above Silicon Valley with panoramic views of the mountain and the bay. Airy decks overlook the backyard, where you can find the rock waterfall that flows into the pool and lots of cozy areas perfect for outdoor conversations. However, the semicircle outdoor bar and outdoor kitchen area is the real highlight, complete with a wood-fired pizza oven.

The muted interiors of this home with 10,000 square feet are the result of a Bay Area rainmaker and come with all the essential bells and whistles expected from high-end real estate.

High Rolling at 32 Vintage Canyon St, Las Vegas, NV

This setup is the ultimate dream of any meat lover in the city made for the high rollers. Aside from the two regular grills, there is a rare grill of Santa Maria-style outfitted in the backyard that will lure you to have a feast. The courtyard and the kitchen frame the spectacular pool area.

With construction in 2012, this five-bedroom house features two detached casitas, a two-story owner’s suite, and a second garage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Consider During the Planning Stages for Outdoor Kitchens Ideas

If you want to have your outdoor kitchen, the only thing you have to do is determine how often you plan to use your new outdoor kitchen space. Doing so will save you from buying unnecessary items and additional features.

If you are a fan of outdoor cooking or love to entertain guests, choose a more extensive design with enough prep space and multiple outdoor appliances. A large oven, a sink, and several electrical outlets may come in handy for this.

But if you cook outside during special occasions, you can opt for a less extravagant outdoor kitchen plan. An art grill and small refrigerator might be enough to get things done.

Is Child Safety Essential for Custom Outdoor Designs

It is critical to take precautions for young children to stay safe if they have access to the modern outdoor kitchen. The first step you can take is to cover all the electrical sockets to protect the small hands from getting shocked.

Kids love running around the backyard, so make sure you pick a layout with no tripping hazards. Put some open paths around the grill head and other oversized items to prevent falls. Children are curious by nature, so don’t forget to lock sharp cooking stainless steel utensils, new propane tanks, and coals in cabinets.

Turtle Creek Estates Outdoor Backyard Kitchen and Pool
“Turtle Creek Estates | 5601 NW 133rd Terr OKC” by okchomeseller is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Features to Add to Your Outdoor Kitchen for Cooking Favorite Foods

A large grill is a must if you love preparing plenty of hot dogs and burgers. You can also install a separate smoking oven if you like smoking meats.

A wood-fired pizza oven is one of the unique additions to any large or small outdoor kitchen. Aside from cooking pizza, you can also use it to prepare chicken, desserts, vegetables, and other dishes. Ice makers can also come in handy for those scorching days outside.

What are Features Essential for Prep Work in your Outdoor Kitchen

Whether you only host simple, intimate meals or large feasts for the entire clan, a natural stone or concrete countertop is necessary if you will prepare your meals in the outdoor kitchen.

You can also consider installing a large island made from natural material. Aside from the fact that it provides the perfect spot to prepare salads, spice meats, and assemble kabobs, an island can also have plenty of cabinets and drawers to save you from the need to rush back and forth inside the house. You can use these spaces to store your plates, larger utensils, and house bowls.

Since food preparation takes some time, it will also be a wise idea to have some bar seating around the island where your guests can watch, gather, and lend you a hand with the preparations.

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