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Last updated: April 19, 2023

Pedrali: A Globally Recognized Italian Furniture Maker

Pedrali is an Italian company that has specialized in making furniture for 60 years. Well-known among architects and professionals in the industry, it has an excellent reputation worldwide.

The company was founded in 1963 in Palazzolo sull’Oglio. The company’s line of contemporary furniture is popular in offices, homes, and public spaces. The company strives to create products with original design and shape using a mix of wood, metal, plastic, and upholstered materials.

As the world shifts from a mass-produced Made in China approach to products, the company has successfully reached the international market through a robust distribution network. This now spans 100 countries since the company started its development at the end of the 1970s.

You can find Pedrali’s premium tables, chairs, and stools everywhere. These designs have been a perfect love affair for cafés, restaurants, and stylish private rooms since 1963.

Table of Contents

  1. Pedrali: A Globally Recognized Italian Furniture Maker
  2. Lounge Collection
  3. Chair Collection
  4. Nolita Collection
  5. Tribeca Collection
  6. Other Exterior Products
  7. Full Gallery
  8. Where to Buy

Lounge Collection

It is no surprise that outdoor furniture has become a popular trend largely driven by pandemic-driven lock-down measures across the world. More people are spending time outdoors through activities, picnics, and trail hiking. With businesses pivoting to adjust to the new normal, demand for outdoor furniture in restaurants, cafes, and homes is on the rise!

New living or experience spaces are being designed to ensure well-being, comfort, and escape.

Pedrali’s 2021 Outdoor Furniture Series responds to these trends with refined, high-quality products which display efficiency, functionality, and durability. The company’s furniture products are designed to be easy to maintain, clean, and sanitize with environment-friendly detergents.

Pedrali’s outdoor collections are designed to be light so that they are easily moved and stackable. The intent is functional. Stacking saves space and a day of lounging and relaxation should not be a burdened experience with storage at the end of a sunny day.

Pedrali’s functional insight extends beyond weight. Its outdoor furniture collections are made of a mix of materials for weather-resistant protection, whether it’s the sun or salty air if your home is near beach shorelines.

Pedrali Indoor Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Lounge white and reddish-orange armchairs Panarea
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Lounge Armchairs Panarea
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 - Lounge beige/white and reddish orange armchairs Panarea
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Lounge Armchairs Panarea
Pedrali Indoor Furniture 2021 -- Lounge one seater Reva Twist
Photo credit: Pedrali | Lounge One Seater Reva Twist
Pedrali Indoor Furniture 2021 Lounge 1 seater and Sofa Reva Twist
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Lounge 1 Seater and Sofa Reva Twist

The Rail Sun Lounger Series is a testament to simplicity and modern styling. The lines are clean, the frame is slim, with powder-coated aluminum. The oblique design is complemented by four-angled legs made of stainless steel.

The seat and backrest are made of Textilene (Textoline) which is a synthetic fabric from the Twitchell Corporation. This synthetic fabric uses high-strength polyesters with PVC compounds. This is commonly used for outdoor and garden furniture because it is easy to clean, comfortable, and UV resistant.

Comfortable cushions are water-proofed, UV-resistant, and made with dry-feel foam.

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 - White Sun loungers Rail
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Sun Loungers Rail
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 - White Sun loungers Rail
Photo Credit: Padreli | Sun Loungers Rail

Chair Collection

Pedrali Indoor Furniture 2021 -- Panarea Dark Grey Chair
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Panarea Chair

Pedrali’s Remind series are small versatile, functional chairs. It’s designer? Eugeni Quitllet. Polypropylene material is used to ensure outdoor use and suitability. The smooth, shaped lines provide a sense of order that is lightweight but durable.

These chairs can be used in outdoor backyard common areas, balconies, or terraces. An intimate hotel in Santorini with a sunset view on Caldera embraces the design. The hotel? Maregio Suites by Fotinos. We know. We’re all dreaming along with you.

Our team is progressive and environmentally conscious. We support the circular economy and net-zero energy homes, building design, and architecture where possible. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Padreli also creates a special version of the Remind chair. This version is made entirely from recycled materials: 50% from plastic industrial waste material and 50% from plastic materials from post-consumer waste. That’s green thinking! Bravo!

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Remind Chair -- Green Chair
Photo credit: Pedrali | Remind Chair
Pedrali Indoor Furniture 2021 -- Green Remind Chair
Photo credit: Pedrali | Remind Chair
Pedrali Indoor Outdoor Furniture -- White chair and table for Deck
Photo Credit: Pedrali / Deck

Nolita Collection

The Nolita outdoor collection series is a beautiful reflection of styled furniture common to Mediterranean and Riviera escapes. Inspiration comes from CMP Design to give the proper elegance and freshness that is most deserved!

Nolita sightings have been found at the Gattopardo Hotel where you can drown your tired eyes on the turquoise waters of Lampedusa. Other sightings include Greek hot spots like the Natu Restaurant in Kifisia or the Goulandris Museum of Natural History in Athens.

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture Orange and Yellow Chairs - Nolita set
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Nolita Set
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 - Nolita Collection -- Yellow Chair and Loungechair, Red Chair, White Chair, Yellow Oval and Round Tabletops
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Nolita Collection
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Nolita Collection - Yellow chair, table top, and loungechair
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Nolita Collection
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Nolita Collection -- Blue Lounge chair, Blue Chair, Blue Table top with blue beachball
Photo credit: Pedrali / Nolita Collection
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Nolita set -- Blue Chairs and Blue Tabletop
Photo credit: Pedrali | Nolita Set

Tribeca Collection

The Tribeca outdoor collection is simple, refined, with a summer-like feel in pink, terracotta, and white colors. This collection has been spotted at the Vaeshartelt Castle in Maastricht, Netherlands. Feeling a bit Spanish? You’ll find the Tribeca series in red, blue, and grey colored chairs nestled on a Madrid-style terrace at the Room Mate Macarena Hotel. Your oasis on top of Madrid’s Gran Via.

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 - Tribeca Collection -- Pink Bench, White and Terracotta Chairs and Blue Tabletop
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Tribeca Collection

Pedrali tables express an outdoor friendliness that accommodates comfort in open-air spaces. These tables are easy to clean due to their advanced materials but furnish the outdoors with simplicity, functionality and elegance. Available in a range of colors and neutral tones, tops can also have modified materials for effect; such as stone to emulate natural settings.

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Tribeca collection - Red and Blue Chairs with Red Table top
Photo Credit: Pedrali / Tribeca Collection]
Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Tribeca and Elliot set - Dark pink chairs and tabletop
Photo Credit: Pedrali / Tribeca and Elliot Set

Other Exterior Products

Pedrali Outdoor Furniture 2021 -- Terrace - Table top lamp with plant/vase arrangement
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Terrace

To spruce up the home as a luxury oasis, one must consider nightlife and lighting as a discerning feature. Predali’s Giravolta Lamps help light the night with wireless, rechargeable lamp infrastructure. Its contemporary design by Basaglia Rota Nodari.

Giravolta lamps clearly express a contemporary design. Made with plastic material, two elements include the base and LED diffuser which has 360-degree rotation for light direction. The arc is made with extruded aluminum (a fancy favorite for Jony Ive, former VP, Industrial Design at Apple) to surround two discs and create a handle. An incorporated LED board, lithium battery, micro-USB for charging, and a power button close out the key design elements. The base has a magnet that ensures fixed, stable lighting on metal surfaces or walls.

Pedrali Indoor / Outdoor Furniture -- Giravolta lamps
Photo Credit: Pedrali | Giravolta Lamps

Where to Buy

We tend to show preference and bias to companies that exhibit core values that they can deliver on.

De Gaspé, a Montreal-based company, delivers on a strong mandate to take care of your environment which includes our planet, your home, our workplace, and where you socialize.

Other core principles include simplicity, quality, and friendliness.

Why shouldn’t we embrace simple products? The world is already a noisy one. Simplicity ensures ease of use, understanding, and repair for busy lives. Simple designs should last and support sustainable consumption.

The modern industrialized world and those in the West have seduced us with an “Everyday Low Prices” mantra without realizing this, in turn, has created more garbage – more crap. A disposable economy that is terrible for the environment and humanity! Products should be designed to last a long-time, if not a lifetime. Let’s stop wasting and start creating sustainable products.

In today’s business culture, user-friendliness and customer-driven are far too often words, not actions. Companies must strive to ensure cultural business relationships are reinforced between staff, customers, and suppliers. This culture must also be applied in terms of simplicity and user experience with digital platforms like an e-commerce website. De Gaspé strives to be this company in furniture manufacturing for an industry that has been a mass-produced, lifeless experience for too long. Impressive.

Most impressive is their partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects. As a carbon-neutral company, it achieves this goal by planting 100 trees for every furniture item sold through its website. Parfait!

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