Split Level Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Last updated: August 19, 2023

What are the best split level kitchen remodel ideas?

When it comes to split level kitchen remodel ideas, here are some key takeaways:

  • Consider your budget and needs before making any changes to your kitchen.
  • Think about what features you would like in your ideal kitchen.
  • Reuse or refinish existing cabinets to save money.
  • Add a statement kitchen island to spice up your space.
  • Avoid dark colors in small kitchens.
  • Use flooring as a divider to create separate spaces.
  • Add more light fixtures to brighten up a dark kitchen.

A split level home often has strange interior shapes that can affect the kitchen design.

You can usually find the kitchen in the upper level of a split-level house with a short stairway connected to another room, such as a formal dining room or a family room; a wall separates that.

A split entry or split foyer is a two level home, with an entry door main entrance, and a small foyer between both levels. The home is usually rectangular-shaped.

Kitchens, the master bedroom, and bathrooms are common on the top floor while the living area (living room) is found on the main floor.

The den, perfect for an extra table, reading nook, or office, is usually found on the lower level as the basement.

A den is not likely to have any window but a bay window may be common for kitchens on the upper floor.

Kitchen design has changed over time.

Modern homes benefited from the efficient use of space, such as the open concept kitchen which is a much larger kitchen that includes open shelves, a larger window, an open floor plan, and even a high quality breakfast nook.

Did you a split-level home is cheaper?

Given they’re considered outdated, a product of the 1970s, demand is much lower in some real estate markets.

Their affordability means these homes are a perfect match for first-time homeowners as they are more likely to consider them.

A bi level or tri-level home means that floors are staggered, and have steps that run to the basement or bedroom on the second level, for example.

Value for money per square feet.

That is the word on the street with real estate agents.

Homeowners, sometimes want separation elements in level floor plans, keeping living spaces separate from main areas, which remain closer together.

My post focuses on inspiring ideas for a kitchen project such as a bi-level home kitchen remodel.

I expect that the information will help you learn more about the different types of remodeling styles seen frequently in split-level houses.

However, it is essential to consider some important steps before remodeling for a split level floor plan.

Table of Contents

Split Level Kitchen Design: What You Should Consider Before Remodeling

Choosing a new design for your small kitchen can be overwhelming because kitchen models are major changes.

Before the remodel begins, it is essential to know what to consider, which techniques are appropriate for specific purposes, and install the most suitable products.

Depending on your split-level home’s design, determine what features will be most important to you, and plan your kitchen accordingly.

Consider design options to brighten your split-level home with larger windows, lighter paint colors, the removal of an exterior wall, skylights, solar tubes, or custom lighting fixtures.

What Works In The Current Kitchen Layout?

If you like certain aspects of a kitchen remodel, it is unnecessary to rip it out completely.

For example, you might be thrilled with the placement of your appliances.

In a kitchen, keeping appliances in the same location is okay because it provides the proper space feel needed for the entire room.

It’s a good idea to write some notes to yourself, while in your kitchen, as this can be helpful as you go through your daily routine.

Note the things you like and appreciate about your current contemporary kitchen.

Take note of any inconveniences, malfunctions, or unattractive aspects as well.

Do you like that small window?

Do you need new windows?

Some existing glass barriers, such as glass partition walls, provide a nice barrier to the dining area, but still keeps the open plan of your kitchen intact.

Stylish open windows can make a huge difference to your kitchen style.

Additionally, you may decide you need to overhaul your kitchen completely.

The most important thing is to arm you with some knowledge to design your new kitchen.

Home Remodeling Budget

Budget expenditure is naturally the most crucial aspect to consider.

It is impossible to execute a design if you have no budget for its components.

Budget restrictions may force you to focus your efforts first on the only thing you really want to change.

It may make more sense to knock down a wall rather than replace your appliances and counters if, for instance, your biggest problem with your kitchen’s design is that it feels cramped and separated from other areas of your house.

Consider refinishing or repainting your current lower cabinets for an updated look instead of installing all-new cabinetry and saving your money for other changes you want in your home.

What Is Your Ideal Kitchen?

Think about the features you want in your kitchen as you plan your kitchen remodel.

You may want to look at other split-level houses’ kitchens to get some ideas and find out what you would like to avoid.

The Internet, books, magazines, or even friends and family homes are good sources of ideas on great kitchens.

If you’re deciding what your dream kitchen would look like, you may find it helpful to see the designs in motion.

Consult a professional interior designer or contractor for inspiration on house colors, or how to design the lower floor so that you have an amazing formal living room on the main level.

You should be able to see before-and-after remodeling pictures of the remodeling professionals to understand what changes you might expect.

You can also work with professionals to design a home specifically tailored to your needs and requirements.

Split Level Kitchen Design Ideas

You can then begin to plan the design of your kitchen once you know what aspects of your old kitchen you want to remove.

In a split-level home, the dining room and living room are adjacent to the kitchen, but a wall might separate the spaces.

As a result, entertaining is difficult since people in the kitchen cannot see or talk to their counterparts in the living space or formal dining rooms found on the ground floor

Repurpose A Dividing Wall

You can repurpose the wall to connect your kitchen to the rest of your home if you don’t wish to tear down walls or cannot due to cost or load-bearing reasons.

A fireplace installed on one wall is a common choice and acts as a nice focal point.

Fireplaces can enhance harmony between kitchens and living rooms if they are on the same wall; if the fireplace is visible on both sides of the wall, you’ll be able to make the most of your space.

You can then use a common element to connect the two areas.

One option for removing part of a dividing wall to create a fireplace wall is to remove only one section.

You could also repurpose dividing walls as follows:

  • Allow better flow between rooms by opening arches within the wall.
  • Adding cabinets to your home will give you extra storage space.
  • Build a high-top bar or seating area with a minibar.

Make An Open Kitchen By Removing The Wall

A popular way to renovate a split-level kitchen is to remove the walls. Three reasons support the rationale.

  • Your first reason is to modernize both the kitchen and the interior design for your home.  I should note, it is not common to find split-level homes in modern architecture. Removing the wall can change the appearance of the kitchen, yielding a more modern composition.
  • The second reason is simple. The house will have more light and better flow. Split-level dwellings may have a flow problem because of the walls. It is beneficial to remove the kitchen wall to make the home more comfortable.
  • A third reason is to make the house feel more spacious. Furthermore, removing the wall in the kitchen can prevent the house from appearing cramped.

Open Doorways

In a split-level home, you have the option of keeping wide, open doorways between the kitchen and other rooms. In this way, it feels like there is less space between rooms.

By having open doorways, you feel like the rooms are more connected because you can hear from one to another more easily. Furthermore, there is more visibility into other rooms because there are fewer obstructions.

You should avoid having doors blocking the passage, making it difficult to move from one room to another. You might want to consider mostly transparent designs, so you have a clear view of the spaces behind the door.

Add A Wall To Conceal Furniture In A Split-Level Kitchen

The split-level kitchen design can also benefit from wall additions to provide additional furniture. Extra storage is beneficial when you want to improve your cooking experience.

In this case, though, you will realize there is something hidden in there when you see it from the kitchen area. It is nothing but a wall-mounted refrigerator cabinet.

In the open floor design, you will be able to add additional storage or a refrigerator space without worrying about it looking odd.

Larders for Kitchen Remodels

Larders have been very much in fashion as kitchen features this year, although they’re classics, and you can add them to your kitchen remodel plans without being off-trend!

You cannot go wrong with larders when remodeling your kitchen, no matter how much space you have.

A slimline design means that with a miniature version, you can store tins and dried goods.

There are ample models for bigger kitchens that accommodate crockery and food as well.

A Kitchen Island as Divider

Kitchen islands provide several useful features.

Adding extra space to your house will add value because it can serve multiple purposes, and this applies to single-level and split-level homes alike.

You will need to consider the differences between kitchen islands and their results. Do you have enough room for a large island, for example?

You can create a more oversized island in your kitchen by tearing down an entire wall.

By doing so, you can improve the flow between rooms without losing space at the counter.

Alternatively, you can create two parts of an island, one for the kitchen and a dining area.

The connection between the kitchen and the eating area is ideal.

No matter how big your island is, you can easily connect your kitchen to the rest of the house by making it multifunctional.

Room dividers such as this can provide a more subtle separation between rooms than walls.

If you have an island in your kitchen, you might use one side for your better dishes that you use in the living room next to it. As a result, the rooms become easier to access and more cohesive.

Alternatively, you could have kitchen cabinets on the other side of the island.

A Statement Kitchen Worktop Can Spice Up Your Space

If you want to take your kitchen remodel to the next level, choosing a stunning worktop or end panel is the perfect solution to change the entire space completely.

If you want to transform your kitchen island, choose chunky marble or striking onyx materials.

The right worktop or end panel can add style to any kitchen, regardless of its size.

You can’t hide it once installed, so think about how it will affect the overall space.

Avoid Dark Colors

For a more spacious kitchen appearance that is less congested, avoid dark or dull colors on your walls, including the half wall.

The limited natural light in split-level houses can make a kitchen feel even smaller and more confined by adding dark colors.

Instead, choose cool-toned neutrals such as white.

Colors like these brighten up a room and make it appear bigger.

The best way to brighten up the kitchen is by using light colors.

Due to walls taking so much space, they have the most significant impact on the perception of the kitchen’s size.

When installing flooring, make it as light as possible to accentuate the feeling of openness.

Brighten the room with white cabinets and light-colored backsplashes.

If one of the two contrasts with the white cabinets, it helps brighten the whole space.

Also, lighter colors create the illusion of a clean environment within a room.

Dark countertops in split-level kitchens are often drab, but light countertops incorporate a modern look.

Use Flooring as a Divider

It’s a subtle way to distinguish the kitchen in the house from other parts, like the dining room or living room, by using different floor types within each room.

There is a subtle line of division created in a room by using the same kind of flooring.

As with a wall or island, since the division is not immediately evident, it can still demonstrate changes to rooms.

A kitchen shouldn’t have carpet, but if you connect the living room to the kitchen by carpeting outside, you might consider doing that.

You can achieve this effect by installing two different types of flooring or even by putting down an area rug.

This helps define the spaces subtlety without feeling confined or condensed.

Light Small Spaces in your Kitchen Design

Including workspace and sink under built-in cabinets, every inch of this newly renovated terrace home kitchen will have good use.

Spotlights in a warm undertone work well with the stainless steel countertop and give the contemporary design a homely feel.

Reposition the Kitchen When Remodeling

An existing house can make it tempting only to consider the layout based on square footage, but changing the location of your kitchen can really work.

There are some serious questions to consider to begin remodeling your kitchen include:

  • When busy family members crowd into your house in the morning, does your front door get morning sunlight?
  • Is your back door the ultimate link from the kitchen to the garden?

Introducing High-Tech Appliances

Although your kitchen has a traditional layout, it can feature high-tech appliances that make the area practical and modern.

By budgeting for the best products and quality appliances, you will not have to spend a fortune on kitchen fittings. The final result is a smart, functional kitchen.

Technology Integration

For every appliance that does the job, an app is linked to it that makes sure everything is in order, even before you’ve reached home, from temperature-controlled wine chillers to fridges that let you know when the food is past its sell-by date.

Bring in the Light

The lack of natural light in homes built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s is another drawback.

Knocking down walls will lighten a space, but you can do more to add brightness.

Think about upgrading your tiny kitchen window for a more contemporary appearance.

In the same way, if there is a door leading outside your kitchen, install a glass pane door or go all out and install French doors.

A kitchen will feel dark and cramped with little natural light no matter what appliances you choose, countertops, or flooring you have.

Add More Light Fixtures

Additional light fixtures may be required if you cannot improve the natural lighting in your kitchen.

General lighting and task lighting are both necessary for the whole space. Leaving your oven and counters in the shadows while your island is visible with a huge light fixture creates a dark and dingy effect in the kitchen.

Make sure your workspace is shadow-free by installing under-cabinet lighting. You can never have too much light.

It is possible to transform your outdated and dark kitchen by knocking down walls, adding an entertainment-worthy kitchen island, and improving the lighting.

Despite the unique design challenges that a split level house poses, smart design decisions can help you overcome the difficulties.

Split Level Home Kitchen Design Ideas: My Closing Thoughts

When it comes to split level home kitchen design ideas, here are some additional tips:

  1. Set a budget and prioritize your kitchen needs.
  2. Explore various kitchen styles and decide between traditional or modern designs.
  3. For budget makeovers, consider refinishing cabinets or adding a statement island.
  4. In small kitchens, use light colors and mirrors to create a spacious feel.
  5. Differentiate kitchen zones with varied flooring.
  6. Enhance dark kitchens with added light fixtures for ambiance.
  7. Upgrade with high-tech appliances for luxury and efficiency.

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