Chic Steampunk Bathroom Ideas for Upscale Homes

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Last updated: April 10, 2023

Have you ever been to Burning Man? Ever watch the old Dr. Snuggles cartoon with his hot air balloons? In Dr. Snuggles’ world, there was always this feeling of an industrial style with futuristic themes. Do you know about the classic Starship Titanic, which was written and designed by the famed Douglas Adams? (if you’re curious, the game is available on Steam!) At least one of our writers has been to Burning Man and others remember the classic Dr. Snuggles cartoon which had subtle references to steampunk design.

If you have any steampunk bathroom ideas, this is a great way to give your home a new look and a modern style. Steampunk decor is a new style of interior design that has broad appeal for its retro look. This design style makes use of steel pipe, iron pipe, golden pipe, or a copper finish whenever possible. Steampunk style takes retro designs and uses a new technology or retrofuturistic elements to give any setting a distinctive look.

Some elements are essential when designing for a steampunk bathroom style. A modern bathroom may consider light fittings such as dim light, the use of pipe, metallic colors, and steampunk bathroom accessories or steampunk bathroom fixtures like brass taps that give off a feel of the industrial revolution. Tile floors, whether white tiles or black tiles are an ideal choice to accommodate bathroom designs which some may incorrectly confuse for a masculine type of bathroom. You would be surprised to learn that many women love this industrial design too.

Table of Contents

  1. Copper Bathtub
  2. Victorian Style Mirror
  3. Edison Lamps
  4. Vintage Vanity
  5. Sink
  6. Edwardian Style
  7. Gauges
  8. Repurpose Pipes
  9. Grandfather Clocks
  10. Solid Wood Vanity
  11. Faucets
  12. Round Mirror 
  13. Colors
  14. Copper Towel Rack
  15. Copper Basin
  16. Mason Jar Lamps
  17. Curtained Shower
  18. Toilet Paper Holder
  19. Cabinets
  20. Further Research        

Copper Bathtub

When it comes to the master bath, copper is a durable material and it is something that goes well with the style of steampunk. The bathroom is probably the first place you’ll want to experiment with a great steam-themed atmosphere. It is also the smallest room making experimentation easier. Copper pipes offer a retro look and feel, and a steampunk touch, if you will.

There is no better material to make a tub out of than copper. The tub will not rust and it will carry an elegance that also has a minimalist look during bath time. Copper is durable, offering an industrial touch for the bathroom. Added external copper pipe will convert your tub into the ultimate steampunk style retrofit. You can never have too much copper or the right amount of copper elements.

Don't forget to surround your bathtub with a shower curtain or shower stall. Some homeowners may use plastic curtains and the bathroom floor will benefit from a bath mat, a technical note to help finalize a completing design feature for this retro style.

Victorian Style Mirror

Just like the copper tub, a copper mirror can look great. If a person does not want to use copper some other materials can be used. This industrial look may include different styles such as wood, glass, and iron. Brass can also be used to help accessorize the bathroom a little bit. If there is some type of machinery look that can be added to this it will be even better. The mirror is a must. A frameless mirror is even better. This will allow the bathroom to look good and have a classy look. The upper part of the wall could use conventional light bulbs.

Edison Lamps

Lighting fixture plays an important role for any bathroom including a steampunk bathroom. The lighting will need to match the theme. As such, a vintage-style fixture would work best in this bathroom style. The more antique-looking a lighting element is, the better. That is why Edison lights are a perfect choice. They can be used to create industrial features easily and cost-effectively.

Edison lamps are excellent light fixtures for the living room and can be further complemented by a pendant light acting as a central, single accessory to a larger space. In no time at all, new furniture with industrial appeal could bring out the hidden Jules Verne in you. 😉

Vintage Vanity

The antique bathroom vanity can make the space more useful since it is the starting point of your day. The sink is often part of the vanity and should be complemented by a steampunk bathroom vanity light. The vintage sink should fit perfectly into the rest of the bathroom, giving the entire space a classic finish. Added drawers for the vanity provide additional storage. A marble vanity would be a beautiful consideration. Raw industrial age fixtures can also be used to make the vanity. There are plenty of other vintage styles that can be added to a vanity which provides a modern look and unique eclectic features for the discerning eye.


The right sink is an important consideration for steampunk bathroom design styles. The sink is usually bowel-shaped and is made from ceramic or can be a copper sink. They can be installed right on the vanity; if this presents a problem, a sink undermount is possible. A fancy toothbrush holder can also go a long way for any finishing touches. Another main idea is the use of copper faucets with hose knobs for steampunk bathroom decor ideas.

Edwardian Style

This bathroom will bring your bathroom back to the Victorian era and still holds to the steampunk theme. Edwardian style is from an era when steampunk ideas began to flourish, becoming a great source of inspiration. There are some ways to add this to the steampunk bathroom. Lamp fixtures should be grand and elegant. Brass pipes can be used throughout the bathroom for functional purposes and decoration. Antique wood closets also complement an amazing look.


This will give the image of a submarine under the sea and fits perfectly with the theme. There are many gauges of different sizes that can be placed around as decoration. A gauge provides a lot of flexibility on how much imagination you’d like to add to this theme. Nautical elements can be used to achieve the desired look.

Repurpose Pipes

If you have some pipes which you are not using or if you know places where you can get some old pipes, pipes make a great decoration element for a full steampunk bathroom. These pipes can be in working order or can simply be used as part of the decoration for the room. Old pipes can be used in so many different ways. At a minimum, your steampunk decor will transform “boring” into a Victorian groove since the use of metal pipes helps give off that industrial vibe. Just don’t go overboard or your place will look like an old-school factory!

Grandfather Clocks

This may seem odd at first but Grandfather clocks and clock parts are great additions to the steampunk bathroom. These clocks can be placed in the bathroom or they can be taken apart and the various mechanical pieces can be used in the bathroom. Metal pieces in the clock can be reused (upcycled) since the clock is no longer working. There isn’t any reason to throw them out as these internal clock elements will look great in a steampunk bathroom.

Solid Wood Vanity

The beauty of experimentation is that you don’t need to go all the way with a redesign. You may be the type of person that wants to achieve the look and feel of steampunk with less effort. A solid wood vanity in your bathroom is a good way to strive for steampunk with less. Solid wood is plain and it is not too decorative. It isn’t overwhelming for your bathroom and just enough to get the desired effect.


Garden faucets can look great in a steampunk-themed bathroom. You can go as simple as labeled left and right faucets. One for hot and the other for cold. These faucets can be made of copper, iron, or brass. They will look great in the bathroom and deliver a nice vintage look.

Round Mirror

A round mirror will complete a bathroom nicely. It is simple and it fits perfectly with the theme of a steampunk bathroom mirror. This type of mirror can also be found in vintage living rooms to achieve a similar desired effect.


There are so many different color ideas for walls. As you consider the paintwork ahead, you need to imagine yourself as part of a sea-faring expedition during the late 1800s. The older a bathroom looks, the better the desired effect. A steampunk theme almost guarantees that a rusty look is okay. The walls can be painted to give the appearance of a rusty look and feel. The walls can be painted a dull green or another color that will remind you of seafarers under the sea. Rust-colored paint can be purchased from Benjamin Moore as Rust 2175-30. For do-it-yourselfers, red and yellow can be mixed to become orange. These primary and secondary colors will provide the desired rust result. Rust is usually considered a more reddish color but can consider brown, orange, yellow, or even green.

Copper Towel Rack

The steampunk theme is really about the accessories. There are many ways to use metal pipes to achieve the desired results. Metal pipes can be used to construct a towel rack. If a person cannot find metal pipes they can use PVC pipes. The pipes can be painted black or copper to meet the desired steampunk effect. This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to redesign a bathroom for this theme. Below, some creative examples using PVC pipes for steampunk lighting systems.

Did you know that PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer in the world? Forty-million tons of PVC are produced annually.

Copper Basin

The copper basin is a great addition to the bathroom. It can be placed on the vanity and can be a focal point when a person enters the bathroom. The copper basin does not have to be used as a sink. It can be used as a decorative touch. To make the room really pop out there can be some additional features to make a complete sink look. A granite countertop can be installed by the sink. The basin can then be installed on the countertop. There can be copper pipes used to help complete the look.

Mason Jar Lamps

This is an easy way to make some custom lamps for the bathroom. Old mason jars can be placed over the lights and be hung on the walls. This will give the bathroom a rustic and utilitarian feel that steampunk fans are looking for. Or even consider Edison lamps which are plugged in with the mason jars used as a cover.

Curtained Shower

A curtained shower makes a clear reference to the rise of cleanliness in the 19th century. There was increased use of personal hygiene products as people began to shower more frequently. Showers would become more common in homes. A curtained shower is really a stand-up shower with a base for some copper pipes that deliver hot and cold water. A curtained shower with a Victorian-styled theme curtain allowed an individual to have some privacy and keep the water in the shower.

Toilet Paper Holder

Bathrooms evolved in the late 1800s with a simple invention. It was rolled toilet paper for the home. In the 21st century during a global pandemic, this simple invention caused panic as people tried to stockpile this worthy accessory. Steampunk themes can be easily achieved with a toilet paper accessory. Copper can be used in the decoration and copper pipes can be used to make a custom toilet paper holder.


A bathroom can use some space for storage and cabinets are very useful for this. You can achieve the desired effect with something as simple as old furniture for bathroom use. Vintage furniture can make the bathroom look great. The distressed look will complement a copper bathtub nicely.

Further Research

These are some ideas to help you design a steampunk bathroom style or theme. Steampunk builds on a classic look, giving your bathroom a Victorian vibe, which will stand out for its artistic looks. To learn about other modern designs, please further investigate the works of architect Andre Rothblatt, who has spent time focused on designs in this industrial area.

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