Magical Texas Kitchen Decor Style

Texas-style is not as much a geographic statement of design as it is a state of mind. When you think of this southern state, pictures of natural wood floors with cowhide skin rugs suddenly appear. Large spreads of prairie ranches and wild horses take you back to earlier days when cowboys and Indians fought to keep the land free. It is no wonder that a rustic decor or farmhouse flair remains popular as decorating choices today.

Today, the ease of mobility and the wide choices of design have transformed many cities in Texas to adopt more modern sophisticated decorating trends. However, the historical status and reputation of big, proud, and down-to-earth residents keep the lone star state a symbol of this great US area.

Texas Kitchen Decor - Country Style Kitchen

Texas Kitchen Decor

Texas decor is commonly found in kitchens where accessories can deliver a hint of charm without interfering with a chosen style. For example, a farmhouse sink does not have to be dedicated to rustic kitchen decor. A contemporary, modern, or even Moroccan kitchen design can show off an oversized sink in plenty of glamour. 

farmhouse kitchen ideas on a budget : Beautiful Kitchen Room with Green Island and Farm Sink

A western kitchen lends a natural choice of wood and stone, with relaxing undertones of weathered boards and tin paraphernalia. A substantial concrete kitchen counter with ceramic cookie jars adds character without being overbearing.  Leave the color to personal preference like white, brown, or olive cabinets.

An adjoining dining room or living room can expand the square feet of a lone star kitchen by double. A pair of loop pendants can act independently in their own living space or join the western theme together.  Texas decor accessories are fun to shop for. A wide range of wall ornaments in metal, ceramic, or framed works can accent walls painted in a Benjamin Moore natural semi-gloss color. Angel’s trumpets and Texas bluebonnets within a simple picture frame can add a touch of color and nature to any room.

A farmhouse kitchen is an excellent way to reflect the look and feel of a Texas kitchen. Fresh Shaker style white cabinets with Pottery Barn bin pulls, and kitchen towels hung from long cabinet pulls make cooking convenient and pleasing to visitors. Sliding barn house doors on a kitchen island always make for a nice touch of country. 

Texas Kitchen Decor - Interior of a country house in a wooden design, kitchen area with large windows

Rustic is a favorite in Texas home decor. Focusing on cooking can give you tons of ideas for outfitting your kitchen. Highlight the stove by surrounding the wall space with stone or brick. Hang iron and metal skillets on the walls and create the feel of an outdoor BBQ. Don’t forget about the sink area for food prep with an under-mount apron front sink or similar sinks.

Items to Add Texas Atmosphere to Kitchen and Dining

A kitchen hand towel or tea towel always brings a bit of cheer beside a sink or hanging from a handle. Embroidered with bluebonnets or stamped with a colorful longhorn, the sense of Texas is always alive.

Ceramic napkin holders or napkin rings make a nice addition to a formal meal by reminding guests that a hearty southern meal is on its way. Glass, ceramic, or acrylic rings can hold napkins of linen in state colors or pastels. Always keep on hand to impress visitors.

Metal wall hangings symbolize the rough nature associated with living off the land. There is a lovely, primitive value to seeing bare natural resources among the comforts of today. Even in a home filled with sleek straight lines, a rustic metal wall hanging will always have a prominent place on a kitchen wall.

Texas Kitchen Decor - Country style kitchen interior

Wicker baskets never go out of style and come in all sizes. Cubbies with small baskets are the answer to doing away with junk drawers that can be put to better use. Keep on hand for a fresh spray of wildflowers or to hold that baked bread from the oven. There is always a time and place for natural wicker baskets in a Texas home.

Never forget the candles for a lasting fragrance of the outdoors. Scents of meadows, streams, flora, or wooded areas are a compliment to accessories to brighten a room. 

Texas is known for big barbecues and outdoor fun. Kitchens that spread onto patios are a popular site and having the right utensils are a must. Set up your cooking area with spatulas, tongs, and of course, the infamous apron and chef hat for celebrating the day. Choose the wording that suits the occasion and pick out napkins, plates, and table cloths for a festive day.

Texas Kitchen Decor - Modern neo classical design wooden country kitchen

Hundreds of trinkets can be found as a gentle reminder of your favorite Texas room. Coffee cups, refrigerator magnets, spoon rests, and cutting boards are a few other ideas to dress up your southern-style eatery. Mix and match as the mood strike you or keep on hand for that special housewarming gift for newcomers. 

Remember, Texas is a way of life, not just a decorating theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

What would make a great housewarming gift for someone new to Texas?

Any kitchen knickknack will be well received as long as it serves as a reminder of the state of Texas. From a kitchen towel and pot holders to salt and pepper shakers that portray a scene of wildflowers, rodeo festivities, or a ceramic outline of the state, and will make useful souvenirs. 

How can I incorporate leather and animal hide into a Texas kitchen?

Bar stools are the perfect way to present hide and leather into a Texas theme. Padded seats covered in cowhide or genuine leather will spark the taste of awesome livestock to a rustic decor. Hang a whip across a wall painted in Sherwin Williams dusty orange paint along with a couple of plagues of bucking broncos. 

What colors work the best for showing off Texas-style?

Red, white and blue colors can be found in the Lone Star flag. Red stands for courage, white stands for purity, and blue for loyalty. However, other colors can be used to represent the colorful wildflowers or even burnt orange that signifies a favorite football team.

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