The Best Poly Outdoor Furniture Covers

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Last updated: July 19, 2023

Your patio or deck is perfect for sunny lounging or fun barbecues with loved ones. It’s easy to forget that your outdoor Poly furniture is as essential as any other piece in your home and deserves just as much care.

By looking after your Poly furniture, you can help it withstand weather that might otherwise lead to wear and tear. With the best Poly outdoor furniture covers, you can ensure these decor accents and furniture items last for years.

Let me help you learn how to get the most out of your outdoor sanctuary.

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The best poly outdoor furniture covers

You might have difficulty finding covers specifically for Poly outdoor furniture, but don’t worry! There are a bunch of brands and products that work great for it.

You can depend on Poly materials to withstand the elements, but taking extra measures to protect them can ensure they continue to look as good as new. The winter breeze sends shivers down your spine as you sit on your backyard patio, surrounded by pristine yet vulnerable furniture. Would you be happy?

If you want to learn about the pros and cons of Poly furniture, read on.

Amazon basics 3-seater cover

This 3-seater outdoor Poly furniture cover protects it from dangerous outdoor elements. They made the cover from polyester fabric that is all-natural and woven and comes with laminated undercoating that protects from rainwater.

You can keep this cover in place with the click-close straps while the interlocking seams make it stable. This cover offers enough protection from the elements, including the sun, rain, snow, and wind.

Terrace furniture Cover protecting outdoor furniture from rain
Outdoor Furniture Cover © Ausra Barysiene

Duck Covers ultimate waterproof cover

This patio cover from Duck Covers has a length of 77 inches and features a chic two-tone design in light and dark brown. They make the fabric of 33% non-woven olefin and 67% woven polyester with polyethylene and polyvinyl lamination that offers durability and sturdiness.

This patio cover has dimensions of 77 x 35 x 35 inches, effectively protecting your Poly outdoor furniture from snow or wind damage. The cover also has an adjustable cord lock and click-close buckle straps to ensure a snug fit.

F&J Outdoors outdoor table covers

This 600D high-density outdoor furniture cover is long-lasting, tear-resistant, and provides improved protection from uncertain and harsh weather elements. This seat cover stays intact and stable, equipped with quick-release and adjustable four buckles and a pull-down elastic drawstring.

The cover is also easy to clean and is resistant to dust, wind, and water. It’s insulated waterproof inner layer and durable water-repellent coating can keep your Poly furniture dry and safe.

Patio furniture Cover protecting outdoor furniture from snow
Outdoor Furniture Cover © Ausra Barysiene

HIRALIY waterproof outdoor furniture cover

Using hot-melt complex processing, the manufacturer laminates the inside of the HIRALIY furniture cover with a PVC layer and makes it heavy-duty 420D Oxford fabric. It is a large furniture cover with a non-hydrophilic coating on the fabric’s surface, making it waterproof and keeping your Poly furniture dry and clean.

Around the legs, you’ll see solid four click-close straps, while the hem has two snugly fit drawstrings with adjustable toggles for a custom and tight fit.

Modern Leisure basics cover

This cover from Modern Leisure is a custom design-fit product featuring tie closures for protecting different outdoor furniture. Super easy to manage and clean, the surface is long-lasting and water-resistant polyester. This durable cover protects from dangerous UV rays and other elements like dust, rain, and snow.

Does Poly furniture need to be covered

Poly is all-weather furniture designed and built to withstand various climates and seasons. You can count on this furniture to do well even when exposed to hot sun, heavy winds, snow, and salt spray.

Therefore, Poly furniture doesn’t need to be covered. However, using quality covers can make it easier for you to clean your furniture every season and prolong the overall lifespan of your pieces.

Although the Poly brand doesn’t directly sell covers for their furniture, you can buy these covers from trusted retailers. It would help if you had the dimensions of your product to the ideal cover that best fits your furniture.

What if your furniture is not in use? Do you still need to cover it? Once again, you don’t need to cover your Poly furniture pieces when they are not used to protect them. Their weatherproof frames can stand any season and all harsh climates. But, of course, covering your furniture can further extend its life and make its seasonal cleaning faster and easier for you.

lakeside Deep Seating Chair, featuring plush pillow-back cushions and outdoor plastic furniture lakeside collection with mountain and country lake in backyard

Can Poly covers stay out in all weather

It might be safe to let your Poly covers stay out in all weather under certain conditions, like mild weather, and only for short periods. But remember that most types of weather may damage your covers, including morning dew and daily sunlight.

The sun’s UV rays, in particular, can cause the covers to fade, particularly if your area has a dry and hot climate without regular breaks from exposure to the sun.

Multi colored polywood chairs at the beach

 Sunlight and warm weather also mean higher exposure to the heat.

Many covers are also water-resistant and can endure little rainfall. However, it doesn’t mean they can sit outside, vulnerable during heavy rain.

What is the best material for Poly furniture covers

Customers choose Poly furniture covers made of properly treated polyester because it is highly durable and lightweight, which makes it the best material for such covers. This is highly durable but also lightweight at the same time, making it a favorite choice of many customers all year round.

Lakeside Deep Seating Chair, featuring plush pillow-back cushions and backyard patio deck overlooking lakeside and country

What are the cheapest Poly outdoor furniture covers

You can find several options if you’re on a budget and looking for the best covers for your Poly outdoor furniture.

The first is Easy-Going Waterproof Sofa Cover, available in black, gray, dark gray, and many other colors. The prices can range from as little as $29.99 to much higher depending on material, configuration, and seller. You’ll want to start with a price check comparison here as there are some wildly different prices, and I think you can find the best deal with a bit of searching.

The NettyPro Patio Sofa Bench Cover is another affordable option with a price tag of $39.99. These prices will vary, so please check back often if you decide to purchase at a later date. And then there’s the Vailge Waterproof Patio Furniture Set Cover at a reasonable price of $49.99. At the time of this writing, there was a limited-time discount sale, pricing the product at $44.00.

One tip is to add these items to a cart if you’re not ready and allow Amazon to do the hard work of letting you know about price increases and drops. A 10-15% price drop might not move the needle for a decision, even if you save about $5-7 for shipping costs as an Amazon Prime customer. However, if you buy a lot on Amazon as I do, you’ll want to be a Prime customer for exclusive savings on shipments, faster delivery, and access to Prime Video, Music, and who knows what else they plan to throw at you.

Here are extra ideas for you to look at. At the time of my writing this article, the Porch Shield Patio Table Cover, is listed for $59.99, while the bigger size is listed for $65.99. This product, though, seems to be on a frequent discount sale and coupon promotion cycle, as I’ve seen an 8% discount sale and 10% coupons available together! That’s not bad if you’re a deal hunter like I am.

But if you’re willing to stretch your budget further, the ULTCOVER Waterproof Patio Adirondack Chair Cover is a good choice. It listed at $78.99 at the time of my writing, but I have seen 5% discount sales occasionally.

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