The Sophistication of Urban Kitchen Design

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Urban kitchens are not all streamlined with stainless steel-covered surfaces. A modern urban kitchen design consists of metal, stone, and wood that create a blend of sophistication and comfort. The simplicity of the design and natural materials make city life a delightful experience.

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How Urban Kitchens Began

Urban kitchen design began during the early 1980s and continued through the 1990s. This new generation was called Gen Y-ers, and they had a different way of seeing the world. City life was preferred to rural life and saving the environment became a place of importance in their lives.

Urban style decor was described as using contemporary, modern, and industrial features where sleek lines and minimalist foundations were appreciated. Most of these styles were all the rage in cities, such as New York City, but the trend has moved into countless areas, both metropolitan and rural. 

Design professionals emerged with specific ideas on how a kitchen should rise up to meet these new standards. Urban designers soon learned what made a kitchen desirable with a sleek and modern look without compromising style. Soon, country, traditional, and rustic decors were added to the list of innovative styles that could be transformed into modern urban designs.

For example, a country kitchen could be converted into an urban-rural kitchen by removing the cotton ruffled curtains and ornament cabinet fronts and replacing them with materials that promoted straight lines with a neutral color base. A rustic kitchen could add shiny stone countertops that met the highly functional demands of modern life and become a breathtaking beauty of the rustic-urban design.

Compared to a traditional kitchen, sexy colour schemes come together with a high quality standard that is a step of the way better than 20th century designs for elements such as a kitchen island or counter tops.

Urban Kitchen Design - Modern furniture and kitchen elements and minimalist look. Large open kitchen windows

A Statement Kitchen

Don’t underestimate the urban modern kitchen that is loft-located and has tooled brick walls in place. These old city buildings were what set modern urban interior design into motion. Real estate in cities can be difficult to find and converting old warehouses and factories into living space has become an excellent way to use space. Beams and pipes opened doors to the Industrial style that is so popular today. Brick walls were a key element in adding industrial or rustic charm. Kitchen cabinets were a powerful tool of natural wood or metal that delivered a strong display of strict modern urban taste.

The industrial style mixes great with modern urban kitchens. High ceilings with heavy industrial pendant lights and stone countertops are the perfect breeding ground for setting an urban-style setting. Wooden ceiling beams are a great architectural accent and mounting a curved metal pipe above a breakfast bar brings character.

Modern urban-style kitchens can also be designed in older 1940s and 1950s bungalows, as well as older 20th-century homes. Save a few vintage items to accessorize the concrete countertops. Replace the old decorative wood cabinets for modern light color schemed cabinet doors. A retro AM/FM radio atop the counter or a hanging vintage light fixture could add character to urban interior design without removing the functional demands of today’s needs.

The final installation to any statement kitchen only confirms that years’ experience in kitchen design considers generational elements of past decades.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Material that offers antibacterial surfaces, such as stainless steel and bronze, have been reintroduced as kitchen surfaces to add sterilization to modern-day kitchens. Newer products, such as the German manufacturer Pronorm has just released a new Industrial range. The finishes include:

  • Oxide
  • Bronze
  • Dark Cement
  • Cement Grey

These are excellent for counters and other kitchen surfaces. 

Other popular natural materials include quartz, granite, wood, or composite stone. 

Mix and Match

At one time, mixing colors and styles was considered a decorating no-no. However, modern urban allows you to keep what you love and update around it. These include:

  • Upper kitchen cabinets with glossy finishes
  • Solid wood and stone overlapping
  • Flowing open space to adjoining rooms
  • Stainless steel pendants over brick island

The point is that nothing is off the table when it comes to urban interior design. The essential elements of a high-quality standard are where your blank canvas begins. Sprinkle in industrial elements and little details of your preferred taste, and watch as your new kitchen begins to unfold.


To bring out the beauty of your urban-style kitchen, a compatible kitchen floor is a must. Wood or stone is recommended as a material to stay with the urban style. There are vinyl flooring products that resemble wood or stone, but this material may not last as long. Another option is bamboo-based flooring that has the strength of steel, is renewable, and is termite-resistant.


Depending on the type of urban style you desire, the right accessories are called for to extend the warmth of your personal taste. Neutral bases can be boring, but not when you add a colorful backsplash and an immense eclectic painting with similar color tones. Texture in accessories is also important. With so many clean lines and minimal decor, a flash of texture in a wall hanging or an iron-wheeled cart could bring just that bit of magic that you need.

Unlike the plastic products that over-ran our country for years, young people prefer the modern longevity of beautiful homes that use natural, lasting materials. An open kitchen that blends into the rest of the house with environmentally sustainable components will bring years of protective wear while keeping its designer beauty. 

If you are having trouble picturing your dream kitchen and dining area done in urban style, look for a kitchen designer that has several years of experience in creating kitchen and dining areas according to customer satisfaction. They are trained to give you great ideas about what you have to work with and what you would like to see. A great designer will have recommendations and a portfolio to share with you on his/her past work. 

The trend for modern urban kitchens shows no signs of slowing down. Warehouse space is a real estate magnet while smaller spaces also desire the look of the modern urban decor. Watch for new and exciting ideas on how to create a trendy urban kitchen with limited space.

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