Sea-Inspired Turtle Kitchen Decor

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Last updated: July 7, 2023

Turtle kitchen decor is clearly a unique and personal taste that expands upon your love of coastal scenes and nautical decor. I remember, long ago, visiting a family friend who worked in the shipping industry. His home was filled with nautical ornaments and it reminded me of a well-designed seafood restaurant.

I couldn’t forget the ship steering wheel which reminded me of a very old television show called Gilligan’s Island where the crew became stranded on a deserted island while their boat, the Minnow, was lost. Before you get any crazy ideas, I am not THAT old. The show was in re-runs when I was growing up. I may be old referencing a television for the YouTube and Twitch generation! Ha Ha!

One of the great things about these unique home decor items is that they may offer some other benefits. Some shops now offer free shipping for their products to cater to the growing demands of sea turtle lovers out there! Custom products are no longer limited to Etsy or Amazon. Shopify has helped small creators and merchants to sell unique items. But if you wanted to take a look at some really cool Turtle Decor, Etsy has some great options. I really love this metal turtle wall decor.

Media of metal is the common manufacturing material for the final product that ultimately becomes title kitchen decor or any other nautical element.

Early Beginnings of Modern Turtle-Inspired Décor

Gone are the days for bland, typical wall décor. Nautical and turtle décor is starting to become a favorite trend in the kitchen or dining room for many good reasons. It gives off a seafaring or beach-life vibe.

Another childhood memory was this restaurant in a giant retail store. It was on the 6th floor, like a hidden world, that few knew about. Except for young kids. Modeled as a cruise ship, the entire kitchen food experience included multiple buffet sections, drink and coffee stands, and fine dining with large windows to help you look out at the sea. Um, this was on the 6th floor of a tall building, so you only got to see other buildings. You get my point.

Even this restaurant went all out. It had nautical and turtle-inspired decor like coffee-style coasters. For a kid with big eyes, lots of curiosity, and passion for interesting things, this was like a field trip. Etsy, unsurprisingly, has some unique products and while this sea turtle coaster is fancier than what I recall from the restaurant, the theme is the same.

Contemporary nautical-inspired home décor today focuses on modern and clean décor combined with iconic items that played a role in maritime history.

Inspiration for wall art pieces and decorative items with coastal style or scenes trace as far back as the times of early settler homes in New England. The structures were simple, usually featuring wooden floors, neutral color schemes, and white-washed walls.

After establishing the first English settlement in North America in 1607 (on the banks of James River), the domestic settlements started to draw inspiration from the Neoclassical and Georgian trends of Europe but with a more scaled-down appearance. The interiors in New England soon had their unique nautical touch, taking inspiration from the proximity to eastern shorelines and unique geographic location of the region.

The early original style is considered traditional and popular among coastal interiors in New England and other parts of the world. Nautical and sea turtle designs are synonymous with a relaxing and calming beachfront atmosphere.

General Ideas for Nautical Theme Décor

A nautical-inspired space features the traditional color palette of the shades of whites, blues, and reds. The most commonly used hardware pieces and accent materials include rope, brass, wood, and linen.

Striped and gingham patterns are hallmarks of the nautical style as well. Embroidered or studded furniture pieces, sea glass or shells, and repurposed antique items are among the most popular accessories to create an interior space based on a nautical theme.

Common Nautical Décor Colors

As mentioned above, blue, white, and red are the colors often used in nautical décor.

For blue, decor generally focuses on navy blue and sky blue colors. The blue will also be commonly found with any indoor nautical-styled rug. However, check out this cool outdoor rug walkway doormat. For some stylish indoor rugs, Wayfair has a really good selection.

For red, decor focuses on sun-washed or salmon-red, or candy-apple red colors. For white, stark white, and creams are the usual choices.

Common Nautical Décor Textures and Hardware

Canvas, wood, brass, and linen are the usual textures and hardware you can see in nautical décor. Brass is common to antique pieces of navigational equipment and tools. Wood is common in sailing relics, while linen is the early material used in sailcloth.

Common Nautical Patterns

Stripe and gingham or checkered are the most common patterns seen in a nautical theme.

Ways to Achieve a Sea-Inspired Look in Your Home

There are several ways for you to create a sea-inspired home décor theme. Before you use your reward certificates, take note of the following tips.

Nautical Tableware for a Great Kitchen Dining Experience

Antique tableware pieces inspired by the sea are subtle ways to incorporate the nautical vibe into your dining area.

To add some pops of color, you can use blue-colored napkins or placemats that go well with antique stoneware. You can also add colors to tableware pieces that feature more neutral color schemes.

Use the unexpected for exciting shapes and textures

Using nautical antiques like salt and pepper shakers as accent pieces can be a great and easy way to integrate shape and texture into your space.

Items like an antique anchor, a ship wheel, a vintage buoy, or even a life preserver can add a unique shape, unexpected texture, and more individual touch to a space or wall.

Let your storage spaces tell a story

Another unique way to have some decorative storage around the house is to look for antique pieces used in coastal settings in the past. Nantucket buckets are common collector’s items among sea lovers. I am sure you can even find a large-sized turtle that acts as a storage unit that opens from the turtle’s shell. Kids would love this one!

These can also serve as storage for small items around the house or as unique accessories to showcase your floral displays.

Lap desks, vintage chests, and other similar items that used to belong to sailors or ship captains can also come in handy in organizing small things.

Put up Nautical Pennants or Flags

There are nautical pennants or flags that you can use as unique decorative pieces for your home for more eye-catching displays. You can hang these flags individually or put them up in groups depending on the atmosphere you wish to create. These flags can make an exciting splash of primary colors that can liven up any room when grouped.

Nautical Décor in the Form of Repurposed Antiques

You can repurpose antique dock or ship lights into decorative objects that can add more flair to your living spaces. These are standalone objects, or you can also turn these into custom lamps.

Transform Vintage and Antique Maps into Wall Art

Every nautical chart and map has its own story to tell. Instead of the usual art piece, you can frame vintage maps and hang these on an open wall. These can add character to a room and provide a neutral color palette at the same time that goes well with the rest of your existing décor.

You can also hang vintage maps to make the space more personalized. You can pick a specific geographic location that has personal importance in your life.

Seascape Paintings to Set the Ambience

The ocean vista itself is what the nautical theme is all about. Seascape paintings can set the tone of the space. If your budget doesn’t allow an original painting, there are also cheaper prints you can get.

What turtle décor can you get for promotional purchases?

After you provide your email address to the customer service team of your chosen shop, you can start shopping for turtle-inspired décor, including pot holders and outdoor rugs in different sizes. No one ever checks the privacy policy, but would you be worried if people knew your Turtle decor buying habits? Turtle decor has become popular with nautical accents through kitchens and other parts of a home.

How do you choose the highest quality turtle kitchen décor?

Turtle décor for the kitchen and dining room usually has metal media, often in a black finish, making them ideal for outdoor use. Always inspect the quality and the specific materials used to ensure that you will get value for money.

Turtle Kitchen Decor Available Today

Turtle kitchen décor has familiar green tones. Some of the pieces you can get include turtle spoon rest, wall-mounting hardware, cutting or serving board, multipurpose containers, pitchers, platters, serving bowls, dessert plates, floor mats, night lights, and so much more.

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