7 Tuscan Decor Ideas on a Budget

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Last updated: April 8, 2023

People often feel a desire and a need to escape to the quiet hills of the country. I feel like doing that every weekend. Since the early 2000s, technology has sped up at a breakneck pass, crowding out personal time and solitude. More than ever, we are tired and worn out by the flood of technological progress and access. Even during the Roman era, city life became too noisy and overbearing for many Roman citizens. The countryside’s beauty and nature’s simplicity were so intriguing that entire communities developed. Every couple years, I dream about dipping bread into olive oil in Italy.

Villages of country dwellers had small huts to house themselves and livestock. The more significant and prominent landowners had villas with courtyards, pools, and quarters for servants. These properties are the image of the Tuscan design as we know it today.

green tree beside brown concrete building in Tuscany

You don’t have to live in the Italian countryside to experience the comfort and warmth of Tuscan style. Think worn, relaxing, lazy desert evenings to get in the mood to create your own Tucson decor ideas on a budget.

Tuscan style homes are all about earthy colors and natural textures. With the browns, deep reds, yellows, oranges of the soil, and the tender green vegetation of the Tuscan countryside, a Tucson look can quickly remake your home. A Tuscan style kitchen can bring so much texture and an earthy quality to your living experience that it is simply unbeatable. It’s hard to describe, but an invisible bond or relationship draws you to natural elements and goes a long way in helping with mental health and solitude.

brown ceramic vase on white ceramic plate in tuscany italy with bread and flour

Textures such as stone, tile, aged wood, iron, and copper create a majestic glow of purity and beauty that only the earth can provide. This works well for a large room and a smaller one. Vineyards of healthy grapes and olive trees round out natural goodness.

Don’t be afraid to start your journey slowly into the world of Tuscan interiors. You will enjoy the exceptional quality that genuine earthy tones and textures give your home. The cost can be minimal, and discovering new products and items is exciting. With your color scheme in hand, here are some tips on beginning your journey.

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A Tuscan-style Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the easiest rooms to transform into a Tuscan look. Neutral paint color of creamy white or light gray as a wall color sets the background for warmth. No need to worry if your walls are less than perfect with bumps or cracks. Creating a crackle coat finish will not only cover any impurities in a wall but provides an old world feel to your space. 

We can achieve another textured look by adding one or more stone walls. A large stone wall added behind a cooking area or using it as a kitchen backsplash will expand your space and provide a soothing feel when preparing a meal. Weathered light color red, gray, and tan brick can compensate for outdated wood kitchen cabinets and countertops. 

Tuscany - kitchen furniture in modern interior finish

While rough textured stone is the most natural product, this porous material is not suitable for areas that produce a lot of greases. Look to products made from PVC or vinyl that are easy to clean and waterproof. DIY backsplashes are inexpensive and practical for adding a traditional Tuscan design to an existing kitchen.

Wood beams have a magical presence when placed on a kitchen, dining room, or living room ceiling. Ceiling wooden beams are nothing more than the exposed rafters above a room. However, many Tuscan style homes use faux beams as a decorating tool. Made of wood, foam, plastic, and resin, they resemble natural hardwood. 

If faux beams are more costly than expected, light fixtures are a fantastic way to say hello to a Tuscany kitchen. Any interior designer will tell you that Tuscan lighting should include natural materials and deliver a warm tone. Wrought iron, copper, and thick clear glass can add an ambient glow of light throughout the room. Add colored pendant lights that look like wine bottles or glass jars and let them serve as a focal point to your new Tuscan modern look.

Tuscany modern kitchen interior with ceiling height clear windows overlooking forest

Hardwood floors or laminate flooring in natural stone can save you money as opposed to sealed travertine tile or terracotta bricks. Finishing touches may include copper pots and pans hung over an island or stove. Terracotta bakeware set on open shelving makes a colorful accent with the pinkish tint. The look of your Tuscan kitchen decor will soon have you wanting to continue the Tuscan decorating style to other areas

Decorate Living Spaces with a Tuscan Feel

The Tuscan decorating style can travel to adjoining rooms and beyond. Sun porches, entryways, family rooms, or small or large rooms. The natural elements used in the kitchen can apply to other areas with a few updates by using warm tones of natural wood and much texture.

Venetian plaster is a great way to bring a mixture of Italian country and modern homes sophistication to your Tuscan design style. Cheaper than tiles and mimicking marble, Venetian plaster makes Tuscan homes sparkle with old-world charm. Applying this fired limestone dust is the easiest way to raise the value of your home.

Italian Kitchen Wall Decor: Traditional italian food and outdoor restaurant in Trastevere district in Rome, Italy.

Tuscan Style Entryways

An entryway is a perfect place to tease visitors with a sneak preview of your Italian country decor. Skinny wooden tables with a decorative piece of old iron and an antique mirror in a picture easel frame are enough to intrigue visitors and provide a preview of your Better Homes & Garden Tuscan home. A small hanging wrought iron chandelier will add an upscale touch of lighting found in traditional Tuscan-style homes.

The outdoor front entrance should also provide an important element of your Tuscan style. Clay tiles that lead to the house and a tile roof are a good idea for advertising your love of the Tuscany valley. If there is room, install a water feature instead of plants and seating along the exterior front entrance. I still admire stone water fountains that originated in ancient Rome and appear today.

Known as the Queen of Water (La Regina dell’Aqua), water flow represents calmness, purity, and the majesty of nature. Place your fountain on a back patio or in a garden where it has more room to be admired.

Outdoor water fountains are a good option for bringing a serene sense of purity to your property. This feature is not that expensive and significantly improves your state of mind.

So important is the purity of the water to the city of Rome that pure free water flows through pipes into the city from the mountains above. They then distribute it through drinking fountains (Nasone) in public areas. They test the water approximately 250,000 times per year to guarantee its pureness. If your love of Tuscan decor has you dreaming of a trip to Rome, pack plenty of drinking bottles!

Tuscan-Inspired Living Space

We need little change to your modern furnishings to turn a contemporary decor into one of Tuscan beauty. Light, simple, and sturdy are the primary ingredients in transforming space into an Italian country villa. Stay away from dark colors on walls unless it highlights an area with stone or brick.

The white color for the walls can be too stark for the mood you wish to portray. Instead, look to the old-world colors that were available to work with. Beige, taupe, soft yellow, and warm gray can make an excellent natural choice for walls and woodwork. Paint or wallpaper that mimics Venetian plaster is always a good thing to see in a living room.

brown and white pendant lamp - rustic tuscany ktichen style

A heavy solid wood dining table is a good choice for encouraging family affairs in a separate dining room, but only if the space allows it. A smaller version can suffice in an open living area with a corner as a dining area as long as the design is straight and rustic.  

The best place to find old solid furniture is at auctions and flea markets. The scars of time on the surface make this piece of furniture even more appealing and acceptable.

Window treatments for Tuscan living spaces can vary according to your preference. The best advice from interior decorators is to stay within the color scheme of dark orange, mustard yellow, terracotta, red, brown, and sage green. Both linens and Roman blinds with a unique pattern of landscape and romance will recreate the beauty of Tuscany.

yellow and red flowers on wall in Tuscany Italy

Rugs for an Italian interior can range from braided to handwoven wool to plush and everything in between. Geometric Persian rugs work well with sitting areas or under a dining table. However, no rug is necessary if you have a beautiful terracotta floor.

Tuscan Accessories

Adding accessories to a Tuscan home can be a lot of fun. Make a list of wall hangings, art, and simple iron items that could improve the feel of your new space. For instance, a small iron wine rack will take up little space and set an Italian mood. Old stools that are someone’s trash can add depth to your new kitchen or porch.

Do it Yourself (DIY) Tuscan Decor Projects

Making your Tuscan decorative item can bring a sense of personal comfort to your home. The simplicity of this design can give you plenty of ideas on what to create for that empty space. Here are a few ideas.

Wine Bottle Counter Display

A wine bottle display is one of the easiest projects that you can make. Select three wine bottles of varying shapes and sizes. Transparent, olive green, and dark brown containers are ideal colors for making a presentation. You can either leave the labels intact or remove them. Buy some faux grapes and grape leaves and drape them over the side of each bottle. Wrap a strand of clear LED lights around the group of bottles and set them on the edge of a counter, windowsill, or bookshelf. 

Vintage Italian Art in Weathered Picture Frames

The 18th-century art masters left their work for all to admire. Making a wall display of these reproduced oil paintings can make an incredible statement to a traditional Tuscan-style home. Many are available in faded color, but most appear in black and white. Choose your desired size and go shopping for a cheap frame. 

Second-hand stores and garage sales almost always have a selection of picture frames. Look for comprehensive ornate frame models but don’t excuse a simple skinny version. A spray can of gold or silver paint does the trick in creating your antique version of an Italian frame. Try to find frames that still have the glass on the front, or you can have Plexiglas cut to size at a hardware store. 

wine bottle pendant lighting

Hanging Wine Bottle Pendant Lights

This project takes a little more patience with wiring and lights. But, the process can go much smoother by using the existing wiring from an old lamp that is no longer used. We can move the electrical components over to your bottle as long as the wires are free from frays and exposure and the switch is in good shape.

You will need to invest in a pair of bottle cutters ($15-$20) to remove the end of the wine bottle and sand the cut edges to a smooth finish. However, with all the projects available for transforming wine bottles into objects of interest, the cost will be worth it.

Follow the Krazy Coupon Lady website for more DIYs with wine bottles. Turning your home into a Tuscany dream will make you appreciate the simpler things in life and help you learn to admire the beauty of colors and textures of our little blue planet.

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