Vinyl Wrap Kitchen: How Long Does It Last?

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Last updated: March 25, 2023
vinyl wrap kitchen

From time to time, we all require an update. Change is always on the horizon, whether you’re regretting your past design choices or trying to enter a new phase of your life. It might be as easy as rearranging your furnishings or painting the house walls. 

Some house improvements are straightforward, while others may be more difficult. It’s easy to repaint walls, but updating your entire kitchen might be expensive. Most of us seeking a fresh start want to find less expensive solutions.

Vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors are one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to update the appearance of your kitchen. Among all the most important elements in the overall look of your kitchen are cabinets. Make it seem fresh without having to replace all of your cabinets or purchase new doors by utilizing vinyl wraps.

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What Is A Vinyl Wrap Door?

A vinyl door is the one in which a panel has been routed, cut, and profiled to the client’s specifications, and then glazed and packed with a vinyl form that is heat and vacuum pressed to the door. The rear of the gate is generally laminated. Vinyl-wrapped doors have no joints since the vinyl wraps all the way around.

What Is The Need Of Using Vinyl Kitchen Cabinet Wraps

Vinyl wrap is ideal for cabinets in the kitchen. It gives you the choice to alter the appearance of the kitchen cabinet without having to completely replace them. You avoid the expense, difficulty, and worry of entire cabinet replacements by utilizing vinyl wraps instead.


Cabinets can be rather expensive to replace. Most kitchen renovations will require the purchase of cabinets and installation, which can eat up to a quarter of your budget. It’s the finishing touch to your kitchen and the first thing that people may notice, so any poor design decisions might quickly become costly blunders.

With the adaptability and flexibility of vinyl wraps kitchen cabinets and doors and the low price of the wrap, which you can do by yourself with ease, you’ll be able to make a quick and inexpensive transformation. Homeowners may select a style that gives their kitchen an expensive look while still costing less.


When it comes to selecting the specific style you want, vinyl wraps are surprisingly versatile. They’re less time-consuming than a complete replacement and provide a similar look.

You can get the appearance you desire without worrying about whether or not you’ll still like it in ten years because it’s quick and inexpensive to apply. It may be swapped just as easily and conveniently as any other fixture. You’ll spend considerably less time debating design options and have complete freedom to try new things.

Free From Hassle

If you don’t have the time to devote to new cabinets or other parts, vinyl wraps can be the ideal alternative. Workers will not be able to access the area for a long time if they spend any length of time in your kitchen, eating out and ordering in may be more expensive and less healthy than preparing meals at home.

Real cabinet replacements also imply that you must clear your cabinet, figure out where to keep your food and kitchenware, and clean up after the task is completed.

You may also purchase your vinyl wraps in person or have them delivered to your home if you so choose. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to put it over your cabinet, and you’re done. The material is flexible and could easily mold to the original form of your cabinet doors.

Limitations Of Vinyl Wraps

The apparent disadvantage is that your cabinets will not have the texture and feel of the material they attempt to imitate. The vinyl wrap’s protective function and color will also wear away with time as a result of normal use and wear.

They can come off with time, and if you use cheap adhesives to reattach them, your original cabinets will no longer be able to adhere securely or evenly to the wall. If you want to wrap your cabinet door in vinyl, you’ll need to sand them first to remove any remaining adhesives.

Vinyl Wraps Are Versatile And Attractive

Vinyl wrap doors are one of the most adaptable types of doors available. The vinyl is attached to MDF panels with a variety of profiles, ranging from simple flat doors to elaborately routed ones. The vinyl may be purchased in a variety of colors, including solid and wood grain hues. The finish is smooth, textured, or even glossy in some cases, making it difficult to differentiate a vinyl wrap door from a polyurethane one! This implies you may effortlessly customize your kitchen in any style and color that you want, thanks to vinyl wraps.

Important Points To Consider

  1. Vinyl wrap is less time-consuming to install than a kitchen spray. While this may be crucial if you need your kitchen cleaned as soon as possible, keep in mind that kitchen sprays can typically be finished in one day (up to three days for bigger kitchens with the entire front, back, and internal carcasses being sprayed).
  2. Whatever you choose, your kitchen should be simple to keep clean. We recommend that our readers wipe down their sprayed kitchens with warm, soapy water as soon as possible and avoid using any solvents.
  3. Spray paint is simple to apply and the surface can be easily cleaned. If you want to redecorate your kitchen in the future, simply spray it again with a different color or finish. It’s not easy to replace vinyl wrap if you decide to do so.

Is It Worth The Expense To Wrap Your Kitchen Doors And Cabinets In Vinyl?

Vinyl wrapping is a more cost-effective alternative to full kitchen renovations or replacements. If you can’t afford a total makeover or replacement, vinyl wrapping your kitchen is well worth the expense.

Is It Possible To Remove The Vinyl Wrap From The Kitchen Doors?

With certain instruments and skills, it is feasible to remove the vinyl wrapping from kitchen doors. If your vinyl wrap is peeling away and you’d want to remove or replace it, we recommend hiring a professional.

How Long Does Vinyl Kitchen Wrap Last?

Expect your kitchen door wrapping to endure up to ten years if you pick a trustable business and pay for an expert installation. Vinyl is extremely long-lasting and damage-resistant, which is why it’s such a popular investment.

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