What Does A Flooring Warranty Cover

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Last updated: April 7, 2023

The many flooring warranty options can be overwhelming, as they vary by lifestyle and region. Reading the fine print is vital for any warranty purchase. Even though the flooring’s warranty probably won’t play a meaningful role in your final decision, you still need to know what kind of coverage and protection is available before making a purchase.

The duration of coverage provided by some warranties can range from 5 years to a lifetime. Lifestyle is another factor to consider. For those who want to buy flooring options like carpets but also have pets, a warranty that protects against pet stains is an important consideration.

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General Coverage Types Included In Flooring Warranties

Manufacturing Warranty

Unlike retailer warranties, those offered by the manufacturer cover manufacturing flaws.

Guarantees Against Normal Wear and Tear

The most common flooring warranty is for “wear,” which refers to damage caused by everyday use and foot traffic.

Installation Warranty

For installations, having the peace of mind of knowing you’re covered in the event of any hiccups in the process is invaluable. If you’re unsatisfied with your new floor, you want to see that you can return it to the store for a free repair.

Stain Warranty

The warranty will remain valid if you adhere to the stain’s care and maintenance instructions.

Wood Floor Guarantees

Structural Warranty

The structural and finish warranty are the two most common types of coverage. The structural warranty guards the buyer against problems like floor cupping, warping, and buckling. Also included is protection against delamination, which can occur with engineered hardwoods if installed and maintained correctly.

If structural problems, such as delamination, are the mill’s fault, they must provide new flooring of equal value. There are many other expenses besides the material for fixing a hard floor. The warranty may not cover the labor involved in removing the damaged floor and installing the replacement floor. However, this will vary by brand and installation scenario.

Finish Warranty

Commonly, a finish’s warranty states that the finish will not peel or flake off within the allotted time frame, exposing the wood beneath. The length of a wood floor’s finish warranty may deceive, as it may lead consumers to believe that the product has a higher quality finish than it does.

Many warranties are overly restrictive to where they safeguard the manufacturer more than the customer. Poor floor maintenance is a common cause of premature wear and tear, and many warranties explicitly state that they will not cover damage resulting from such neglect.

Flooring Warranties: What You Should Know

While the specifics of each manufacturer’s warranty will vary, there are a few basics to keep in mind when perusing the fine print.


Many hardwood flooring options come with a warranty of 25 years or more, and the structural and finish warranty are the most typical kinds of guarantees. The warranty will not cover normal wear and tear, dents, stains, or scratches from furniture, pets, or improper cleaning products.


There are several warranties available for vinyl flooring that you may encounter during your search. Warranties may protect against everyday wear and tear, stains, and curling edges. Unfortunately, even though waterproof luxury vinyl has a waterproof guarantee, the warranty does not cover damage to the subfloor.

Warranty On Laminate Materials

The following are examples of protections provided by laminate warranties.

Laminates can lose their attractive surface image after only a few years of regular use. In addition, some wear warranties do not cover scratches, indentations, or damage because of improper care and maintenance, while others do not differentiate between retailers or types of laminate.


Laminate flooring typically comes with a stain warranty that protects against stains caused by regular use. If you want to keep your laminate flooring warranty intact, following the care and maintenance guidelines specified in the manual is essential.


If your laminate flooring becomes faded or discolored because of natural or artificial light, the warranty will fix the problem at no cost to you.

Locking System

Your laminate floor’s locking joints should remain securely locked together with no gaps or cracks for the duration of your locking system warranty.

Water Resistance Warranty

A warranty covers damage from spills and damp mopping if the material is water-resistant. To find out the type of water damage covered by a warranty and by your homeowner’s insurance, check the fine print of both.


If there are any problems with the initial installation, the manufacturer will fix them for free if you purchase an installation warranty. Find a flooring store that employs skilled installers familiar with local building codes and willing to stand behind their work and guarantee its quality.

Carpet Warranties

Most carpets have a 10-, 15-, 20-, or even a lifetime warranty. If you plan on selling your home, it is vital to check if your warranty is transferable to a new owner. These are guarantees against abrasive wear, pet urine, and staining. Because carpet warranties from different manufacturers may cover other things and have various limitations, it’s essential to read the fine print before making a purchase.

Remember that warranties on carpets will not reimburse you for a poorly installed carpet or damage caused by negligence. In addition, to keep the warranty in effect, you must maintain the product following the manufacturer’s guidelines, with regular vacuuming and professional carpet cleaning. Besides flood damage, cleaning with products that are not Carpet and Rug Institute-approved can void the warranty.


Flooring warranties are only valid when installed and maintained correctly. Flooring is a significant investment. Most manufacturers suggest that taking care of your new flooring will be a breeze if you use their products. Hence, it is essential to know what your warranty covers should you need to file a claim. You’ll want all paperwork, like carpet cleaning bills and flooring installation receipts.

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