What Floor Would Go Well With A Navy Kitchen?

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Last updated: April 9, 2023
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Navy kitchen is a color that is traditional and ageless, which lends an elegant air to any space. Navy blue, like the hue of a clear night sky or the depths of a vast blue sea, can be used to add depth to any area you put it in. You can seldom go wrong with navy blue, similar to the color black.

Blue is the color of both sky and sea, signifying openness, imagination, and freedom. On the negative end of the spectrum, navy blue is a gorgeous hue that symbolizes both equilibrium and calmness.

When used in the kitchen, navy blue will provide a touch of drama and intrigue while remaining lighthearted when complemented by uplifting tints such as white, silver, or tan. Navy blue is a traditional color that goes well with kitchens, walls, appliances, tiles, and other items. The color is also a wonderful accent hue that adds the ideal amount of contrast when used on statement areas like backsplashes or island counters.

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Is Navy Blue Too Dark For The Kitchen?

Many people desire a bluish kitchen. Some, however, abandon the notion because they believe that the color is too dark for an inside where one cooks and eats meals. Is it the case? Of course, it’s possible. However, a navy blue kitchen will not be too dark if the project is well planned.

A navy blue kitchen might be complemented with white. The combination of those two hues is incredibly elegant, and it’s also quite popular. It can be used with both elegance and English design. Even with the Scandinavian style, this color scheme might be employed successfully if the project is well-planned.

If you want to create a blue and white kitchen, there are a number of options available to you. Using dark blue as the basic color and matching it with white is one option. You may use white walls and flooring, along with navy blue kitchen cabinets, to create a lovely vibe in your kitchen.

For those who want to go all out, black and blue may be a striking combination. Black and blue are most effective in larger kitchens with lots of natural light, where it’s a style that’s both modern and elegant.

Consider a black gloss worktop with navy cabinets and matching appliances. For a more fun vibe, we adore using black geometric patterns on the walls of a navy kitchen, either as part of a big kitchen splashback or as a wall decoration.

Marble Effect In Your Navy Blue Kitchen

Marble is an excellent match for navy blue in a contemporary kitchen. Marble adds a touch of class to any space, and when utilized with navy blue and metallics, it creates the most Instagram-friendly kitchen imaginable.

The growing popularity of marble is due in part to its increased accessibility. If you’re on a tight budget, convincing imitations mean you no longer have to spend real money on genuine marble; instead, you may buy fake marble tiles, laminate, or vinyl for a fraction of the cost. Consider a marble look laminate worktop, a marble tile splashback, or vinyl marble flooring for an update.

Flooring Ideas For Your Navy Blue Kitchen

Bluish kitchens are quite popular, but matching flooring to match inky cabinets might be difficult. Choose the incorrect texture or color, and you risk having your floor clash with this powerful hue. Have a look at these suggestions to help you to find out the best in your cabinet, regardless of the style you’re going for.

Dim The Lights

Suppose, you want a more dramatic appearance, consider using dark wood color for flooring. The dark-toned wood in this kitchen blends with the ink cabinets.

The dark paint adds a high-end feeling to the room, while the fancy marble splashback and worktop contrast nicely.

Spread Some Stones

Is stone more your style? Instead of micro cement, consider using stone floor tiles like the one in Burlanes Interiors’s photo. The ash tones in the cabinets are enhanced by the white stones, which contrast nicely with the black granite. The floor texture is more apparent this time around.

Go For Minimum

Suppose, you want to highlight features on the walls and countertops, choose more basic flooring. The minimalist design of this kitchen by NXTHING and ALL emphasizes the fancy grey tones in the black-blue units. It’s not too granular, has a very light touch, and looks good since it allows the renovated hardwood flooring island worktop and painted bricks to be the focal point of the space.

Add Personality With Parquet

For a little more flair, use herringbone patterns for your hardwood flooring. The dark blue components of deVOL Kitchens make for an almost monochrome design with white walls and worktops. The simple color palette is perfect for highlighting the unique design of the parquet flooring.

Go With The Grain

In most areas, a classic combination is blue and wood. In particular, a kitchen has it on deck. The look you end up with is determined by the sort of wood you choose. Traditional oak flooring in this area has helped to brighten up the blue furnishings at Holland Street Kitchens. The color of the grained wood provides texture against the block of color on the cabinets, and the worktops and stools complete the picture.

Play With Pattern

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up your room, consider using a patterned floor. The obvious alternative is to lay some practical tiles in a style that fits with your design. Vinyl, which is just as simple to maintain and has a smooth feel underfoot between the island and the back wall in the kitchen shown in the first photo, was used by Holland Street Kitchens.

Perk Up With Gray

If you like a warmer color scheme, consider swapping gray granite tiles for a beige option. These conventional floor tiles from Davenport go well with the timber aspects of this kitchen. The rich colors lighten up the cold blue cabinets and provide the entire area with a warm, welcoming feel.

Create A Distinction

If you want the dark bluish cabinets to steal the show in your kitchen, a whitish flooring would be ideal. In this area by Robert’s twenty-first Century Design, the product is at the heart of the room. The biggest white floor tiles serve as a canvas for wall units and the island, while also matching with the brilliant white-colored worktop above.

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