Creating a Zen Space In Your Home

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Last updated: April 19, 2023

After a long hectic day, the feeling of relaxation and peace that you get from your home is irreplaceable. A home decorated while keeping Zen in mind is the perfect way to create a serene and comfortable atmosphere.

In an interior design, Zen reflects harmony, balance, and relaxation. Although it is not considered a proper design style, nor does it come with a book of some must-follow rules, it is usually linked with simplicity, minimalism, and purity of lines. By implementing a few decoration ideas in your ordinary space, you can transform it into a soothing oasis!

Are you willing to implement some changes to your regular home space? Below are some easiest ideas that you should follow to bring a sense of Zen into your space. These tricks will help instill mindfulness and wellness in your home for you to enjoy your life to the fullest!

A red modern couch in a clutter free room

Table of Contents

  1. Clear the Clutter
  2. Use Colors and Decor Elements Wisely
  3. Keep Furniture Simple and Natural
  4. Select Natural and Light Fabrics
  5. Put Softness Under Your Feet
  6. Install the Right Lighting
  7. Enjoy Aromatherapy
  8. Final Words

Clear the Clutter

Dedicate some time daily to sort stuff. Organize your belongings, allocate a space for each item, and toss out things that don’t serve a purpose anymore. Develop a habit of putting things back in their dedicated space once you have used them; it will keep your home tidy and tranquil. Put your keys, wallet, and mails in chic baskets and trays placed in the mudrooms or foyers.

In small bedrooms with limited storage space, use collapsible bins to store seasonal clothes under the bed. In your working space, keep all your office supplies in storage baskets and color-code your folders to make the searching process easy.

20056450 modern living room 1

Use Colors and Decor Elements Wisely

A serene Zen home doesn’t have to look dull. But avoid using a variety of bold colors fighting for your attention; it can create visual chaos! Achieve balance by paring wood-colored floors or neutral walls with some pop colors — a wall art, patterned rug, or a few brightly colored throw pillows.

When it comes to decorative elements, adopt a minimalist approach. Choose those elements that complement your color scheme and also serve a purpose in your space. Because a Zen design not only deals with the visuals, it also works on a deeper level to sustain our mental health. 

A cozy living room interior with an L-shaped couch serving as a book nook with clean, minimalist lines in the room
A woman relaxing in a chair

Keep Furniture Simple and Natural

To incorporate Zen style in your home, add furniture with simple and clean lines, and avoid complicated details. Use the highest quality furniture made of natural materials to bring a sense of relaxation and warmth. Like creating a reading nook, choose a simple armchair, and pay attention to the furniture’s simple lines.

A modern living room with clean lines, bright light and two cozy book nook couches

Select Natural and Light Fabrics

Curtains are one of the essential elements of your Zen décor as they bring a sensation of intimacy. They also help reduce noises and block air draughts. Use natural fabrics like wool, bunting wool, or linen and match them with the room’s overall décor. Obtain a different atmosphere by associating them with blinds that modulate light. Carefully choose the fixation system as it would be a pity to hang beautiful curtains on non-matching rods.

A white natural fabric sofa, rug, and modern plant and vase with colored pillows.

Put Softness Under Your Feet

Make your home environment more welcoming and relaxing by putting a soft rug or carpet under your feet. Choose a rug or a carpet made of wool or pure cotton and match its color scheme with the décor of your home.

Carpets and rugs bring softness to the ground, which makes it easier to walk around barefoot. They also provide plenty of soft space for you to sit and meditate.

Walkthrough your new soft floor and practice mindfulness by paying attention to what’s under your foot.

Cozy book nook near window with cozy sofa and soft rug

Install the Right Lighting

Lighting plays a major role in creating a Zen ambiance in your home. Various studies have proved that a certain type of lighting negatively affects our ability to relax. So, remove all the cold lights found in your light bulbs and replace them with advanced color-changeable LEDs. Purchase those LEDs that are programmable to change to blue light during the day and warm orange light in the evening.

By mimicking the natural circadian cycle of our body, LEDs make it easier for us to relax. You can also consider hanging blackout blinds or curtains to your Zen space for additional comfort throughout the day.

A modern sofa in large open living room with LED lighting, soft carpet and wooden floors

Enjoy Aromatherapy

A Zen design makes you more mindful, which means being aware of all your senses and using them in tune with your surroundings. This is why while styling your Zen space, you can’t stop at just making it look or feel a certain way — you should also make sure that it smells a certain way.

Incorporate natural scents into your space that reminds you of a beautiful landscape. You can do this by using scented candles, linen sprays, and essential oils. Make sure to use only natural fragrances and things like beeswax and avoid using harshly flavored faux-scented candles.

Bringing natural scents in your home helps you become more mindful. It also provides you a calming environment that plays a significant role in your restorative sleep. These fragrant Zen elements also improve your daily meditation practices.  

Aromatherapy pink candles and petals

Final Words

Remember that a space promoting calm and prosperity should be therapeutic and calming in itself! It doesn’t need to happen overnight.  Keep tweaking and adding as you go; follow what resonates with your mind and heart. Embrace the highs and lows throughout the styling process. And most importantly, approach the process with a true desire to bring peace at home!

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